Elegant Confirmation Cake Ideas


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Sweet Bloom uses edible lace in their stylish pale blue design (above left), while The White Cakery has created a lavish shell pink cake featuring silver details for extra oomph – both would make the ideal cake choice for communion or confirmation parties.

Doyle lace design by Sweet Bloom

Sweet Bloom in Australia created this beautiful cake with its docile lace design to serve as an ideal confirmation or christening cake for both boys and girls alike. Additionally, The White Cakery below left features lavish shell pink designs with intricate lattice stenciling and gilded silver details, while Sugarbelle Cakes boasting lovely petunia blossoms and simple pearl beads could quickly adapt their design for use as first holy communion/confirmation cakes for girls.

Edible lace cake decorations for girls’ confirmation cakes can be an easy and delightfully decorative feature, thanks to a crocheted or embroidered doily with plenty of perforations (you can often find these at thrift stores) and confectioner’s sugar or cocoa powder for dusting (a mesh sieve is helpful if the sugar gets stuck to its surface).

Lavish shell pink design by The White Cakery

The White Cakery in Australia is another incredible cake designer who creates stunning cakes that can easily be used for confirmation, communion, and christening ceremonies. Their elegant designs draw their inspiration from nature and modernist art, giving each tiered creation an entirely new aesthetic. Their recent product features organic color blocking in shades of grey paired with pops of blue that add interest without overwhelming the design – an excellent complement to the sculpted sugar flowers that complete their masterpiece.

The White Cakery stands out with another stunning floral creation: this exquisite piece would make the ideal confirmation or christening cake. Hand-crafted sugar paste flower petals look so realistic that guests will struggle to believe they aren’t real! Additionally, swan-shaped tiers and pink ruffle make this piece genuinely stand out and really make its presence known at any event.

If you’re searching for something extra luxurious, this spectacular pink confirmation cake may be the ideal solution. Each layer is covered in handcrafted sugar roses to add an opulent finish.

Make your cake extra special by having a custom fondant cake topper explicitly created for boys or girls from Sweet Bloom in Australia or Paula Cake Couture in Ireland. Create adorable figurines. Both these companies make delightful figurines that would add the perfect finishing touch for first communion and confirmation cakes alike, while Karla Chumpitaz offers gorgeous pigtailed girl models that could easily be swapped out to accommodate a confirmation cake explicitly made for male confirmation candidates as well.

Pretty lace cross design by Simply Sweet Cakes & Cupcakes

Communion and Confirmation are significant milestones for young Catholics globally. A show-stopping cake can make a lasting impression on its recipient – just as much so as wearing that little white dress worn to mark the event! Sweet Bloom and The White Cakery both use stylish pale blue designs with intricate lace details on their cakes (left by Sweet Bloom, right by The White Cakery).

Simply Sweet Cakes & Cupcakes have created an exquisite cake featuring edible lattice lace stenciled onto it (below left), while Sugarbelle Cakes added a cascade of petunia blossoms for their communion and confirmation cakes (below suitable). Angelic little girls or handsome boy models make great first communion or confirmation cake toppers, such as Karla Chumpitaz’s brilliantly detailed mannequin model or Hada Straviesas’ adorable pigtailed little girl (below left and right respectively).

A pretty pink cross design by Sugarbelle Cakes

Edible lace and rosettes have been used to significant effect to decorate these two elegant communion or confirmation cakes, including Karen Keaney of Roses & Bows (left), who made an adorable hen and chick cake topper, as well as Hajnalka Mayor from Zorica’s Cake Art (right), who created stylish girl models wearing lovely little girls dresses as communion toppers that blend in perfectly.

Simple cross-dings make an excellent addition to confirmation cakes and can quickly adapt to various themes and colors. Here, the pink tiers of this three-tier cake feature pretty white buttercream rosettes, while the simple silver cross serves as the final finishing touch.

Sweet Bloom offers another elegant way of adding a cross to a first communion or confirmation cake, this elegant pink and white one featuring delicate floral swags and lattice lace stenciling for an added special effect.

A charming cameo can make any communion or confirmation cake extra special, like this beautiful lavender damask version by Cake & Cupboard below left for boys’ cakes. For girl communion/confirmation cakes, Baked Stems offers this lovely top cake featuring a pretty little girl modeling her dress with a beaded white bag and sporting pigtails as an attractive cameo option – another lovely option to consider for communion/confirmation cakes!

Pearl encrusted cross design by Priya Maclure.

Enhance a confirmation cake idea easily and elegantly with these beautiful pearl-encrusted crosses. Priya Maclure of Aimee Jane Cake Design created one for their styled white cake, while Aimee Jane Cake Design added one on their simple lavender one – they both look absolutely breathtaking.

Pretty lace swags topped by the image of a little boy or girl can make for a stunning first communion or confirmation cake topper. Cake & Cupboard’s styled purple damask cake below features such a delightful scene; similarly, blue communion or confirmation cakes would look equally lovely with such features added.

An impressive cake topper is essential to any special event cake, and the adorable communion little boy and girl models available from The Artful Bakery of Ireland are perfect for making any stylish communion or confirmation cake for boys or girls.