Charlie Cake Park in West Leeds


Court findings demonstrated that when Craig and Mullins visited Masterpiece Cakeshop, its owner, Jack Phillips, refused to design and create a wedding cake due to his religious convictions. Phillips claimed decorating cakes was an expressive activity and that forcing him to do it violated his First Amendment rights.


Charlie Cake Park can be found in West Leeds between Whingate, Armley Town Street, and Springfield Mount and takes its name from Charlie from Pudsey, who used to rest his horse here before selling his patisseries and petits gateaux in Armley and Kirkstall – so much so that the Gott family of Armley mills named this triangular piece of green after him!

The pedlar was famous for selling spicy shortbread biscuits at 1d each. His skills were so well regarded that Queen Victoria even presented him with some when she visited Leeds to open Leodis Town Hall in 1858! As his reputation in Leeds remained strong for nearly 200 years after he had passed, Gotts family has kept up its traditions by keeping up the name he made famous by selling shortbreads at such prices.

Charlie Cakes is a flourishing company offering delectable cakes and desserts at reasonable prices, along with innovative flavors and designs. Their creations make great additions to special events or parties!


Charlie cakes consist primarily of treacle, ground almonds, vanilla, and mixed spice – or a mixture of dried fruits like raisins, candied orange, and lemon peels, and glace cherries if desired – along with other spice elements, such as nutmeg, mixed spice, and vanilla. Once prepared, they are baked in a cake pan for 2 – 3 hours before cooling and being drizzled over with some of the tea liquid left behind from drainage.

This cake makes an excellent dessert to serve at any dinner party, featuring delicious chocolate flavor and a fudgy brownie-like texture. Perfectly suitable for dusting with powdered sugar or topping off with whipped cream for dessert! Incredibly straightforward to create using pantry and fridge essentials, it is an excellent recipe for beginner bakers to try.

This delicious chocolate cake requires very few ingredients and ingredients for its preparation, making it an excellent last-minute dessert for those not ready to commit to layer cakes. The chocolate flavor is intense yet complements the light sweetness of whipped cream nicely – you are sure to impress all your guests at any gathering with this one! This cake was inspired by Francois Payard’s book Chocolate Epiphany; find more information and instructions in Julie’s blog and the Chocolate with Francois site.


At any Halloween celebration or simply because you love The Peanuts comic strip, this Charlie Cake will surely impress guests. Boasting all your beloved characters from the comic strip in a bundt pan for easy transporting and storage, its recipe is also user-friendly enough for children under adult supervision to participate.

This entertaining baking book for children features an easy, step-by-step rhyming recipe they can follow, with engaging illustrations and instructions. Reading with them can build their baking confidence while encouraging more independence in the kitchen – children will love making their very own special Charlie cake with this enjoyable educational book!