Dada Sport and Mathilde Pinault


Dada Sport, an equestrian brand based out of Paris, provides competition wear, training wear, and accessories. Rising rider Mathilde Pinault was recently appointed an Ambassador.

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Founded in 2013

Dada was an influential art movement that spanned two decades. Its radical conceptual identity and rejection of orthodoxy challenged traditional forms, while its embrace of popular culture and participatory performance made waves throughout the 20th century and beyond. Dada was known for its urban streetwear aesthetic that inspired avant-garde music as well as the popular music of its day – which inspired painting, sculpture, and poetry filmmaking to express ideas within this movement – Dada also inspired many artists following in its footsteps such as Fluxus group in the 1960s.

Dada Sport of Paris, offering clothing designed to meet women’s expectations in daily life and horseback riding, has recently appointed Mathilde Pinault as its new brand ambassador. Mathilde Pinault, 22, daughter of Kering chairman and CEO Francois-Henri Pinault, has competed on the Longines Global Champions Tour since 2022 as an accomplished horsegirl and is studying finance at Lyon’s Ecole des hautes etudes commerciales.

Boudier explained that her brand’s name, Dada Sport, is an allusion to how French children refer to horses with “dada.” Beginning sales directly to consumers through her website and pop-up shops at equestrian competitions starting in 2013, Boudier has since opened wholesale for export three years later, and its annual turnover now surpasses several million euros annually, although she would not disclose exact figures. Dada Sport’s primary market for sales is in America, which accounts for 30%, while France accounts for 15-20%.

Dada Sport produces leather and canvas breeches, tops, accessories, and airbag vest Concorde for protection of ribs and back from neck to coccyx, ideal for wearing with its products or other equipment from other brands.

Dada is actively expanding its presence across both America and Europe by creating its Partner Selective Network of real equestrian shops and saddleries that will carry its products. Dada promises an exceptional experience for its customers while helping them make informed choices that meet their individual needs.

Designed in France

Dada was a post-World War I movement of avant-garde artists and intellectuals that sought to challenge prevailing standards of art through cultural works that challenged existing cultural norms through anti-art works. The movement opposed war, bourgeois values, and traditional forms of expression and was heavily influenced by surrealism, New Realism, and Fluxus, as well as having strong links to the radical left. Artists involved included Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray Francis Picabia Hugo Ball, Emmy Hennings, Hans Arp Raoul Hausmann.

Professional horse rider Boudier founded Dada Sport as an urban equestrian clothing line tailored specifically for women’s daily life and riding needs. Endorsed by celebrities such as Kaley Cuoco and Zozia Mamet as well as Olympic show jumper Henrik von Eckermann as customers, its name evokes French children’s affectionate nickname for horses: dadas!

The company provides competition wear, training wear, and accessories. Their most popular item is an airbag vest, which protects all vital organs and ribs from neck to coccyx; another product offered is a body warmer that offers excellent freedom of movement while remaining highly breathable and fabric-made.

The company boasts a global customer base and sells its products in the United States, France, Switzerland, South Korea, and other countries via equestrian specialty boutiques. Their high-quality and comfortable designs rival those offered by Cavalleria Toscana, Equiline, and LeMieux; its headquarters can be found in Paris.

Made to measure

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DADA Sport clothing is stylish yet practical – you’ll feel safe wearing their collection! Choose between riding breeches, competition blouses or shirts, and accessories like the Ohlala scarf Bois De Rose, which elegantly keeps hair out of the face when horse riding, or the Sultane Visor, which provides ample sun protection while increasing visibility.

Our equestrian airbag vests are explicitly tailored to your specifications. The Concorde airbag, in particular, can protect all vital organs and ribs – from neck to coccyx – if necessary. You can wear it alone or under competition jackets of the Dada Sport Ultra Fit and Slim Fit range, as well as the training jacket Carthago, and it comes complete with its gas cartridge.

Your right to access, correct, and modify data stored about you in the Dada Sport database is protected by law and will never be disclosed to third parties. To exercise this right, please reach out directly.

Made in Italy

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