Arepas and Petty Officers Are Associated With This Crossword Clue


If you’re having difficulty with solving a crossword puzzle, try taking a different approach. For instance, examine any intersecting words and check to see if any letters repeat. This may help identify patterns leading to answers. In addition, search for alternate meanings of clues; perhaps one will pop out that would never have occurred to you otherwise!


Arepas are a traditional Latin American dish most closely associated with Colombia and Venezuelan cuisine. Consisting of a round cornmeal cake filled with various foods, its origin dates back to pre-Columbian times; evidence of equipment used to grind corn and make dough has been discovered at archaeological sites in these two countries. Today, they can be found in restaurants across Latin America.

Grilling, baking, and steaming are all effective methods of creating arepas. Its dough typically consists of ground corn mixed with water and salt; once prepared, it can be formed into circular shapes before being cooked over a hot grill or skillet to produce crispy exterior and soft interior surfaces that pair perfectly with various fillings like cheese, beans or meat – perfect for lunchboxes.

Arepas are a beloved dish throughout Columbia, enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, and dinner alike. Each region offers its variations with distinct regional flavors; many consider this to be a poor man’s meal as it requires inexpensive ingredients that can be assembled quickly using simple kitchen utensils.

At first, arepas were initially consumed by indigenous tribes of Central and South America. Women would chew corn kernels before spitting out a unique flour that was then used to make dough for arepa production. Later, this process became mechanized so as to be more efficient; today, arepas represent Colombian culture and tradition as enjoyed worldwide.

The Universal Crossword is a daily puzzle featured in newspapers and online publications worldwide, providing an engaging challenge that’s both challenging and entertaining – perfect for passing the time while engaging one’s creativity! Renowned creators have long been celebrated for their cryptic clues, but in addition to regular clues, each week also brings with it different themed puzzles with hints that may prove challenging but can help solve the main indication.


Petty refers to anything of negligible worth or significance; its definition implies contemptible insignificance and minor importance: for instance, petty quarrels and thefts may also fall within this definition; other synonyms include paltry and trifling. Petty may also refer to people of subordinate rank or position, such as petty officers.

The Universal Crossword is a daily newspaper puzzle published and syndicated to newspapers and online publications worldwide, featuring unique clues authored by experienced crossword constructors and challenging difficulty levels with humorous or satirical answers that provide both entertainment and mental stimulation for many people. It has become one of the world’s favorite pastimes!

The Universal Crossword

The Universal Crossword is a daily crossword puzzle published both online and in newspapers worldwide, known for its skillful creators’ skill and creativity, updated each day with new themes and clues. This popular source of entertainment provides both mental stimulation and entertainment to crossword fans worldwide.

The grid puzzle is best known for its standard grid size and a wide array of topics spanning pop culture to current affairs, making for a popular challenge with its clever clues and challenging difficulty level.

Some clues feature unconventional themes, like using Caesar cipher cryptograms for answers to 1 across in the Simon & Schuster puzzle series. Other puzzles use cryptic clues, which require solvers to interpret them differently than they would usually be understood.

Example of crossword clue: “Nice summer?” could refer either to Nice, France, or it could be taken literally and be read as an allusion to “Nice,” meaning pleasantness (pleasantness). Additionally, many crosswords have multiple interpretations that can become increasingly challenging as time progresses; their most popular variants often differ significantly in both grid shape and clue type as well as solving principles or skills required – with practice and persistence, you’ll become adept at handling even the most challenging puzzles!