United Health Centers and Community Engagement


United health centers offer various programs designed to give their citizens better healthcare, using cutting-edge technology for information access.

Recently, the company settled a class action lawsuit regarding a 2021 data breach and its subsequent exposure of personal and medical information by unauthorized users. This settlement provides relief for individuals whose information has been exposed.


United Health Centers is a non-profit community organization established through grassroots action to increase access to healthcare for rural San Joaquin Valley communities. Now serving over 100,000 patients annually with over 450,000 clinical appointments in 19 Health Centers located throughout Fresno, Kings, and Tulare Counties of California’s Central Valley region, their facilities also host several community engagement events and outreach efforts.

These events aim to educate people on various health-related topics and offer access to medical services while raising awareness of new services available under the Affordable Care Act and how best to use existing coverage. They also provide information on how best to maximize existing plans. Moreover, the organization offers resources tailored towards families, individuals, and seniors for optimal coverage – please visit its website for more details about these programs!

UHC stands out as a premier health benefits provider, offering its members an expansive array of health insurance, dental and vision coverage, pharmacy benefit manager support, and mental health services. UHC services are backed by extensive resources available through UnitedHealth Group, making UHC a strong competitor.

The company’s Medicare Advantage plans have received high reviews from third-party organizations. They were given an A+ (superior) rating by AM Best and scored 4.2 stars by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the National Association for Quality Assurance, among others.

UnitedHealthcare also offers short-term health insurance to individuals under 65 at an attractively low premium. These plans cover preventive visits, emergency treatments, and some prescriptions – though unfortunately not preexisting conditions; nevertheless, they make an ideal solution for individuals looking for temporary coverage.

UHC works closely with local farmers to ensure farm workers access health services. Through partnerships, health centers provide free screenings and vaccinations for seasonal workers and help them navigate the Affordable Care Act to determine any benefits they may qualify for. This program becomes even more essential when workers flock to Central Valley for work during harvest season.


United Health Centers (UHC) is an alliance of small, not-for-profit health-related programs operating collaboratively to share staff, facilities, and funds in an informal relationship of trust and collaboration. United Health Centers’ purpose is to enhance community health by offering primary medical care, dental services, social and behavioral health education, and other related education. They operate several medical centers throughout Fresno area, including one at Ashlan & Marks, where services such as dentistry, optometry, and behavioral health will all be available under one roof.

Fresno Tulare Healthcare Services provides healthcare services to low-income residents of Fresno and Tulare Counties and the surrounding rural communities. It also operates school-based health clinics for children to enable them to receive primary healthcare without missing class, thus decreasing absenteeism and increasing academic achievement. As a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit federally funded corporation, it is managed by an elected Board of Directors representing its service area.

United Health Centers currently operates 19 health centers and 15 WIC sites serving 28 rural communities throughout Fresno and Tulare Counties, such as Dinuba, Clovis, Mendota, Sanger, Orange Cove Huron Kerman Earlimart Corcoran Lemoore Reedley Raisin City. In addition to this, the UHC provides two mobile units and five health stations in Fresno Visalia Tulare for convenient service delivery.

UHC health centers are staffed with highly qualified, compassionate healthcare providers and nurses who collaborate closely with patients to ensure they get the care they need when it is most convenient. They aim to offer affordable medical, dental, and behavioral healthcare with high-quality outcomes and an outstanding record in our region for providing primary and preventive health services.

The organization was formed in 1981 after several community health centers and physician practices were consolidated. Now comprising four hospitals, long-term care, and home health services as well as a network of affiliated community-based healthcare centers throughout Broome County, its clinics span Broome, Chenango, Delaware Tioga Otsego, Sullivan Sullivan counties along with school based health care in these locations.

Community Engagement

Community engagement involves working collaboratively with communities to identify and address community needs, concerns, and interests. It empowers people to participate in decisions that affect them at the local government, organization level, or the larger public policy arena. Through community engagement, people can form mutually beneficial partnerships that contribute to a higher quality of life for all involved.

Health systems and other organizations typically focus their community engagement efforts on increasing access to education or improving communication of existing information; however, these approaches alone cannot meet the need for strong partnerships between these entities and communities.

A new community engagement paradigm must be adopted to address this challenge. One of its central elements should be two-way communication and building trusting relationships between community members and organizations. To do so successfully requires active listening and responding appropriately when responding to community voices in meaningful ways and providing them with opportunities to share knowledge and expertise within organizations.

Reaching this paradigm requires a significant shift in how we think about community engagement. At present, community engagement consists of various approaches with no common understanding or definition of what community engagement should entail or clear strategies for implementation.

To assess community engagement’s effect on health and healthcare delivery, we must find ways to measure it. To do so, a framework including domains, indicators, and metrics for measuring community engagement needs to be in place.

Currently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) are developing the most comprehensive community engagement model. Their model defines it as: “working collaboratively with groups affiliated by geographic proximity or special interest to identify issues affecting their well-being and take measures to address them.” They recognize diversity and inclusion as vital parts of this process while acknowledging that evaluation must be part of any comprehensive community engagement plan.

Contact Us

If you have queries about United Healthcare Medicare plans, a licensed insurance agent is always on hand to answer them and help select the program most suited for your needs. Alternatively, feel free to connect with them online or through social media for any inquiries.

UnitedHealthcare customer service representatives are available from 8 AM to 8 PM, Monday through Friday. Call the customer service number on your health insurance card if you require assistance outside these hours. Alternatively, visit their website to locate an agent near you or locate the number for your state.

Send UHC your query or complaint by mailing them directly, using the address found on your health insurance ID card or explanatory of benefits statement. Please include all pertinent details, such as your full name, member ID number, and any relevant data to help us better assist.

UnitedHealthcare is one of the nation’s premier healthcare providers and offers an impressive variety of products and services to meet the individual needs of its members. From Medicare Advantage plans, Prescription Drug Plans, Community Plans, and Medicaid, UnitedHealthcare has something suitable for every situation.

Dedicated to improving access to quality healthcare in rural communities across California, the company operates 19 health centers and 15 WIC sites located in Dinuba, Fresno, Parlier, Orange Cove, Sanger, Huron, Kerman Earlimart Lemoore Reedley Fowler Kings County with employees committed to providing excellent and compassionate patient care.

When dealing with issues regarding coverage, this company is the worst to work with. They won’t process claims accurately, and you may have difficulty reaching someone when calling. I have had issues with them for months without resolution, so I suggest finding another provider if possible.

Please get in touch with UnitedHealthcare via the number on your insurance card to urge them to put its members first and maintain access to St. Joseph’s Hospitals and Clinics in their network. If you are a dual eligible Medicare/Medicaid enrollee, continuity of care could allow continuous service provision after July 1.