Toby Keith Gives Fans a Health Update


Country music star Toby Keith recently updated fans on his health status one year after publicly disclosing his stomach cancer diagnosis. While speaking at a gala preceding his Toby Keith & Friends Golf Classic tournament in Norman, Oklahoma, on June 2, Toby Keith noted that his tumor has shrunk and his bloodwork results have been positive.

He’s Feeling Better

Country music star Toby Keith feels better after publicly disclosing his stomach cancer diagnosis a year ago and hopes to resume performing soon. On June 2, while attending the Toby Keith & Friends Golf Classic pre-tournament gala, Toby shared with fans an update regarding his health: his tumor has shrunk by one-third while bloodwork continues to improve.

Keith also revealed his intention of returning to touring this fall if his energy allows – provided that he has enough to perform an entire show. Keith has long been a staunch supporter of families affected by cancer diagnoses, founding Ally’s House in 2004 to assist children battling this illness and provide aid during treatment. This organization bears her name after Scott Webb died of kidney cancer before her second birthday, and Ally was named after Scott’s daughter.

Toby Keith revealed his cancer diagnosis in June 2022 and said he would take time off from touring and creating new music. To his fans’ delight, however, Toby took to the stage at Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse in Lexington, Kentucky, in November to perform songs such as ‘I Love This Bar’ and ‘Sweet Home Alabama.’ Fans were delighted to see their favorite artist back on stage!

Keith has been focused on his treatment and recovery, yet still managed to release music during that time. On May 26, in honor of Independence Day, he released the six-song EP America; plus, there have been charity events to help cancer families, like an Oklahoma City benefit held in July by the Toby Keith Foundation.

The Toby Keith & Friends Golf Classic Gala, organized annually by the Toby Keith Foundation to benefit children undergoing cancer treatments, raised an unprecedented $1.8 Million this year! Funds from this record-setting event went towards supporting OK Kids Korral, which provides cost-free, convenient accommodations for Oklahoma City-area pediatric cancer treatments; furthermore, it helps support Oklahoma Children’s Hospital at OU Medical Center and Stephenson Cancer Center.

He’s Taking Time Off

After Toby Keith revealed his stomach cancer diagnosis last summer, he pledged to return to the stage as soon as possible. On July 1 and 2, the country music star made good on this promise with two performances at Hollywood Corners bar and venue that he owns in Oklahoma – his first shows since his diagnosis was revealed in June 2022. Smiles abounded as Toby sang away through two two-and-a-half-hour performances filled with energy.

In an interview with CMT Hot 20 Countdown in November 2022, the musician admitted that chemotherapy and radiation treatments had been “pretty debilitating.” Additionally, he revealed plans to take some time away from his career to spend more time with family.

Keith has kept a relatively low profile since being diagnosed, but June 2023 provided The Oklahoman with an update. While attending a gala for his annual Toby Keith & Friends Golf Tournament weekend, he told them he felt “pretty good.” Additionally, he continued chemotherapy treatments, his tumor shrunk by one-third, and blood tests looked healthy.

He stated his hope to return to performing by fall 2023 if everything remains stable; however, he cautioned that more time may be needed if things don’t progress as anticipated.

Once news of Keith’s cancer spread, many fans rallied behind him. In a post to Instagram, he thanked them for all their love and prayers and promised they’d see him soon. Additionally, he posted a photo with one fan in front of his tour bus with a caption reading, “Thanks for all the love & prayers; I’ll be back on the road soon; love you!” Many fans responded with messages offering support and encouragement; many posted pictures holding signs with songs they liked from Keith; one comment wrote, “Keep the faith.” Another fan shared how inspiring it felt to see him perform again after such a close call.

He’s Getting Back to Performing

Country singer Toby Keith surprised audiences this past weekend by returning to the stage not once but two times unexpectedly! At his Hollywood Corners bar and music venue in Oklahoma – not one but two shows! These lengthy shows lasted over two hours each, and Toby shared photos on social media of himself smiling while performing alongside longtime collaborator Scotty Emerick.

Keith also revealed his hope to be on tour this fall, provided he can find enough energy and receives relief from chemotherapy treatments. Keith said his tumor had shrunk by one-third, and blood tests had improved with each new test.

According to The Oklahoman, Keith made these remarks on June 2 backstage at the Toby Keith & Friends Golf Classic pre-tournament gala that raised money for OK Kids Korral (an organization founded by the Toby Keith Foundation that provides cost-free homes away from home for cancer-stricken children and their families). Keith had recently undergone chemotherapy but noted he has begun feeling better since starting treatment; his goal is to return to performing later this fall.

Keith expressed to The Oklahoman how blessed he is for the support of his fans, noting how it means a lot to him that so many have been checking up and praying for him. Additionally, Keith credits his wonderful wife and son as being instrumental in keeping him going through such difficult times.

Since last fall, singer-songwriter Toby Keith has been fighting stomach cancer, which has taken its toll on his career and personal life. But Keith has continued making music despite this, releasing their 19th album, Peso in My Pocket, including the current radio single “Oklahoma Breakdown.” On Tuesday, his representatives informed Fox News Digital that Toby Keith is feeling good, and they anticipate his return soon to performing live concerts and events.

He’s Thankful for His Fans

Since revealing his battle against stomach cancer last June, Toby Keith has received overwhelming love and support from fans. Fellow country singers Jason Aldean and Savannah Rae have shown kindness by encouraging their followers to pray for Keith – alongside Tricia Lucus, who stands beside Toby alongside Shelley, Krystal, and Stelen – at every turn.

Due to his struggle with cancer, country crooner Ray Cheatham (61 years old) has taken a break from recording new music and performing live. But he keeps fans updated via pictures and videos posted to social media and recently has begun sharing more details of his journey.

Keith revealed he is still fighting stomach cancer at a pre-tournament gala for his Toby Keith & Friends Golf Tournament in Oklahoma City. Although treatments have been “pretty debilitating,” Keith hopes to return to work soon enough.

Stomach cancer is an aggressive type of cancer that attacks either the main body of the stomach or its gastroesophageal junction (where food travels from the throat to the stomach and meets the intestines). While less prevalent than other cancer types, stomach cancer remains just as deadly. Usually, it forms in its central part – though other factors, including the digestive tract lining, may also become affected.

Toby Keith revealed his diagnosis in June 2022 and shared that he was receiving treatment. Over the following months, Toby updated his fans by sharing amusing clips showing him smiling or singing karaoke in an Uber ride.

Keith hasn’t performed in over a year, yet his representatives have assured fans he has the schedule and stamina to return to performing soon. Keith is currently “working on some exciting things,” so hopefully, we will hear more updates more quickly!

While pursuing his musical dreams, the singer of “Beer for My Horses” continues to give back by raising money through his foundation. A longtime advocate of pediatric cancer research, he founded OK Kids Korral as cost-free daytime and overnight housing for those receiving cancer treatments at either the OU Medical Center or Stephenson Cancer Center in his hometown.