Top 10 Songs About Gold Digging


There have been a variety of songs about gold diggers over time. From rap to pop tracks, there have been songs dedicated to them.

Abba’s retro hit song addresses the dilemma men often experience when considering whether their partner is there for love or money.

Jason Derulo’s “Lifestyle”

Many songs have been written about gold diggers – women who pursue relationships for financial gain through relationships – with some celebrating them while others criticizing them. Here is a selection of classic hits and modern anthems that address gold digging as a phenomenon.

Jason Derulo sings of meeting someone only interested in using them and protecting his reputation, in this song by Jason Derulo. It makes an important point about standing on one’s own two feet. The song itself is catchy and makes its point.

The Beatles’ classic hit “Can’t Buy Me Love” depicts an untrustworthy woman only interested in wealth. However, its protagonist stands firm against any attempt from her to exploit him for her gain, insisting that money cannot buy true love.

Swedish singer Meja released the song All ‘Bout the Money as part of her album Seven Sisters in 1998 as a cautionary tale to men regarding dating women who are only interested in money, with lyrics that convey an important message: those only seeking wealthy partners do not deserve consideration as potential mates.

Pink Floyd released the iconic tune “Money,” which centers around money’s influence and how it can alter lives, in 1973. Although no longer relevant today, its timeless message still serves as a powerful reminder that love is worth more than any amount of cash.

Good Charlotte’s “Girls & Boys”

“Girls & Boys,” by Good Charlotte, stands out as an influential gold digger song with its warning against becoming involved with men who only care about their money and should be avoided at all costs. This song sends out an important message that everyone should heed.

Kanye West’s song, “Money, Money,” provides another excellent illustration of gold-digging. Kanye raps about how some women only want money without true commitment or true love in return. This powerful track clearly illustrates just how many people fall prey to gold diggers.

Good Charlotte is a pop punk band from Waldorf, Maryland formed in 1996 by identical twin brothers Joel and Benji Madden along with Paul Thomas (bass), Billy Martin (guitar), and Aaron Escopolio (drums). Good Charlotte released their self-titled debut album in 2002 which quickly became a huge success thanks to its catchy music and relatable lyrics.

Destiny’s Child’s “Bills, Bills” stands as one of the greatest gold digger songs ever composed. The song describes a woman only seeking an affair for his money and quickly became one of the most beloved early 2000s pop hits.

“All ‘Bout the Money” by Meja is another song about gold digging that offers great lyrics about how some women only care about money and appearances. With an engaging beat and infectious chorus that will have you dancing away your blues!

T.L.C.’s “No Scrubs”

TLC rose to stardom quickly when their album FanMail dropped, becoming MTV and Grammy award winners, Grammy nominees, Billboard chart toppers–and in their lead single “No Scrubs,” even ass-punk celebrities. While already an irrepressible force when FanMail hit stores, “No Scrubs,” their third number one and eighth top 10-hitter, helped cement TLC as one of the premier girl groups ever.

This song’s call to arms against sloppy men not only inspired many to change, but it also perpetuated the stereotype of gold digger women. A “gold digger” can be defined as any woman who pursues wealthier men primarily for money rather than love; she may stay in marriages simply to obtain money; in essence, she pursues marriage with rich partners primarily to become wealthy themselves. This stereotype derives from Peggy Hopkins Joyce (the real-life model for Lorelei Lee in Anita Loos’ 1925 novel Gentlemen Prefer Blondes).

Kandi Burruss of TLC’s future Real Housewives of Atlanta cast credits this song with altering the dynamics of late 90s hip-hop and R&B music, which was otherwise full of misogyny and damsel-in-distress narratives. According to Burruss, her group’s subsequent hits helped turn this around with this track helping shift that script.

TLC’s iconic hit music video featured T-Boz, Left Eye, and Chilli in an astronaut spaceship–an homage to Apollo 11 mission astronauts. Directed by Hype Williams who created an eye-catching futuristic visual that has become synonymous with TLC. This clip marked an important moment of female empowerment during the 90s, yet its message still rings true today: it unites women while criticizing sloppy men.

Avril Lavigne’s “One of Those Girls”

This song by Avril Lavigne warns listeners about gold diggers, instructing them to be wary of women who only care about money and will not love them as individuals. This message resonates with listeners particularly since Avril herself had experienced dating a gold digger herself.

NWA’s “I Ain’t the One” is another iconic song about gold diggers that warns listeners against dating women who only seek money. This tale portrays a man falling victim to a gold digger who only cares for money rather than them or their relationship – an insightful comment on the ways gold diggers use their feminine charms to exploit men for financial gain.

Teairra Mari’s hit single, “Sponsor”, is another iconic gold digger song. This tale recounts an encounter in which a woman enters into an arrangement solely with someone for his money, prompting the listeners to be wary of such women as they will only take without giving anything back in return.

These songs about gold diggers are some of the most beloved examples, beloved among listeners for offering insightful commentary on various subjects that many can identify with and relate to. Not only entertaining, these gold digger songs also deliver powerful messages to listeners that should be taken seriously.