Ancient Alien Tours


Alien tourism seems to be a popular tourist attraction. Some areas, like Roswell and its debunked 1947 UFO crash, are hotspots for alien sightings, while annual conventions like Alien Con are dedicated to this topic.

Other sites are believed to be connected with the ancient astronaut hypothesis, promoted in books such as Chariots of the Gods? by Erich von Daniken or The 12th Planet by Zecharia Sitchin.

The Locations

Ancient Aliens has long been an exploration of conspiracy theories concerning extraterrestrial life, so its long-running hit Ancient Aliens is expanding into a live experience. The ninety-minute tour combines highlights from the HISTORY Channel program with extra insight and interviews provided by its celebrated contributors: Ancient Astronaut theorist Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, Investigative Mythologist William Henry, and *Dr. Travis Taylor, from Ancient Astronaut Theorist to Aerospace Engineer Intelligence expert, will present thought-provoking theories concerning Extraterrestrial life from Ancient Egypt through the moon and beyond, setting out on a Disclosure journey!

Many of the topics in the show revolve around contentious theories, such as that the Great Pyramids were constructed as energy generators or Orbs of Light are actually intelligent drones. There are also otherworldly locations highlighted, such as remote islands with mysterious structures; Peru is said to contain over 250 hidden pyramids and an enormous complex that alien visitors might have constructed.

No matter your opinion on ancient aliens, fans are passionate about them – as evidenced by the success of Alien Con, which attracted 15,000 attendees in Baltimore this year. Alien Con features guest appearances, showcases, and lectures and encourages costumed attendees.

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The Experience

If you have watched History Channel’s Ancient Aliens or its spinoff Ancient Aliens LIVE, an immersive experience may be available near you. Shows run between 90 minutes to two hours long and may offer Q&A with featured experts; select venues may even provide ticket holders with access to exclusive photo packages!

While the show does an admirable job of covering various historical mysteries, it sometimes presents highly speculative conclusions as fact. The narrator often sounds as though they’re reading directly out of television’s chum bucket; actual experts are brought in to provide sound bites that have been completely twisted out of context.

What I find particularly irritating about this show is how often it uses reasonable observations as the basis for increasingly outlandish theories. For example, it has been proposed that the Olmec civilization’s monumental sculpted heads were actually portraits of aliens – something unlikely considering they are likely the product of genetic mutations rather than any alien influence.

This program has an unfortunate habit of concluding that any inexplicable historical discovery must have been caused by aliens – an absurd interpretation of Occam’s Razor that rejects the scientific method while being insulting to ancient Egyptian mathematicians, architects, and astronomers who were far more imaginative than its modern commentators on this show.

So it is no wonder that skeptical events such as AlienCon in Baltimore attracted 15,000 attendees who engaged with panels, showcases, lectures, and tours about alien visitation theories – including one tour company offering trips to Area 51!

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The Symbolism

Ancient alien worldviews suggest that civilization, architecture, and high technology were introduced to prehistoric humans by extraterrestrial visitors from outer space. Pyramids such as those at Giza, Great Zimbabwe site, Pumapunku Teotihuacan Stonehenge have all been linked with such extraterrestrial visits; similar thinking has also been proposed regarding Easter Island off Chile coast featuring mysterious Moai heads; Erich von Daniken and Zecharia Sitchin have both popularized such theories through writings such as these theories.

The Ancient Astronaut Theory states that signs of visitations by extraterrestrial beings can be found in ancient religious texts and myths, as well as physical specimens like artwork depicting alien-like beings or artifacts such as Ica stones of Peru. Furthermore, this theory states that anatomically modern humans owe their name to remnants from these visits, such as using words beginning with “u”, such as in dragon, dog, and Danann; genetically modern populations may even descend from extraterrestrial visitors!

Some guests on the show have shared unrelated pseudoscientific beliefs, including the idea that dinosaurs and humans coexisted until recently and crystal healing can help treat cancer effectively. Others have talked about conspiracies surrounding animal mutilation, New World Order membership, Freemasonry, or Rosicrucianism membership as possible causes.

These guest appearances serve various functions within the series’ overall narrative as well as to promote specific books or products. In one episode, host Giorgio A. Tsoukalos mentions Ancient Aliens Debunked by Chris White, which provides a three-hour refutation of the ancient astronaut theory put forward by its producers in the History Channel’s series.

Due to its tremendous success and guest appearances on other shows, its success has inspired a host of websites, podcasts, and video blogs dedicated to analyzing and mocking ancient astronaut theory. Of particular note is Skeptoid, which features weekly podcasts hosted by comedians John Hodgman and Brian Dunning, who debate issues raised during episodes of their show.

If you’re curious to explore this subject further, then check out an Ancient Aliens Live event coming to Evansville later this year. This ninety-minute live experience commemorates the long-running series on the HISTORY Channel and will feature experts like Giorgio A. Tsoukalos (an Ancient Astronaut theorist), investigative mythologist William Henry, aerospace engineer Travis Taylor (an aerospace engineer and intelligence expert), UK government UFO investigator Nick Pope as well as more.

The Message

Ancient Alien is a program about aliens visiting ancient humans. Unfortunately, it’s one of television’s dirtiest wastelands – airing on History Channel (technically H2) as part of their bottomless pit of filthiness. Actual experts are brought in to give misleading soundbites that are entirely out of context; fanatics get free rein; fiction is presented as fact, the result being outright fraudulence that must stop.

Erich von Daniken’s 1970 book Chariots of the Gods popularized this idea of Peru’s Ica stones containing images depicting dinosaurs coexisting alongside humans, a view also popularized on this show by Willie Dye, Michael Cremo, and others as experts on creationism and dinosaur extinction by aliens to make room for humans; without offering evidence to back their claims or provide timeline estimates about when dinosaur bones lived. Unfortunately, this use of old creationist talking points casts aspersions on scientific methods used by scientists to estimate when dinosaur bones lived.

Another area of interest is the idea that aliens were responsible for seeding life on Earth via directed panspermia. Although not scientific in its foundations, directed panspermia makes for an entertaining story in science fiction and fantasy genres and is frequently referenced by proponents of ancient astronaut theories.

Roswell, New Mexico, is a must-see stop for visitors seeking UFO sightings or just curious observers, with the now disproven 1947 UFO crash occurring there. There’s also Alien Con and History’s Ancient Aliens fans who can join eaAdventurech year for their annual gathering to experience UFOs first hand! For the truly adventurous, there’s also the challenge of getting access to Area 51 without a badge – otherwise, other sites in Rachel, Nevada, provide sighting tours.