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Throughout the off-season, Bears fans gather together and hold discussions regarding trades, free agency signings, and player evaluations related to their team. While some meetings may be strictly opinion-based while others more objective may take place, their primary purpose is helping the Bears make wiser decisions for its future.

It’s so misleading to compare the Bears to teams that had been rebuilding for three to five years while we have only just begun our process this season. That’s just stupid!

I think it is vitally important that there is a legitimate competition between Cutler and his rookie counterpart in camp, with Cutler being outshone by either of them if that proves necessary. Should Cutler not perform to his potential, then perhaps trading him next offseason with starting the rookie instead is something they could consider doing if appropriate.

It would also be great if they could land a high first-round draft pick and sign some quality free agents to improve their pass rush, which has been among the league’s worst this season. That, coupled with having Smith back healthy and adding additional starters, could really help turn things around; let’s hope this happens soon! Additionally, I think Hargreaves could become an exceptional starting CB, given his talent and speed; he needs some work on his footwork skills to reach his full potential as an NFL CB starter.

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Gameday Discussions provides all the latest stats, injury updates, and matchup previews you could want for any NFL gameday imaginable. Join our writers as they reveal keys to victory for the Chicago Bears against Detroit Lions in divisional play – can they bounce back after disappointing losses with Pride of Detroit Five Questions, or read Taylor Doll’s Making Monsters on rookie corner Tyrique Stevenson – our Gameday Discussions can provide them. Plus! Gameday discussions happen here, too.

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