Super God Pet Shop


Today, your pet‘s strength can make or break an eventful journey. But until a mysterious pet shop called Su Ping arrived on the scene and started breeding adorable pets into ancient king beasts with top ten pet beast secret skills! Making your pet stronger was once an exhausting process, but now it is easier!

How to Play

Super God Pet Shop is an unconventional popcorn system novel. Instead of following the typical bratty system trope, this one helps(or tortures) its main character when necessary rather than abusing her/him.

The setting of this movie: it takes place in a world where owning monsters as pets is commonplace, yet strengthening them was usually difficult and time-consuming – until this mysterious pet shop showed up! Even the weakest skeletons could slay golden dragons after just one training session at this shop! Everyone was amazed! They wanted a piece of this incredible power!


Count D is the proprietor of an unusual pet shop in Chinatown and claims to possess supernatural powers. Although initially believed by his fellow residents, they soon realize he may not be so harmless after all.

Assange is known to be unyielding in his pursuit of information he requires, be it from beggars working in his mansion or the detective he hired. Furthermore, he shows no mercy toward those who trespass on his property, once killing an offending dog.

Pet Shop uses his Stand Horus to generate ice spikes against his enemies, making him a formidable opponent. Furthermore, his special air sack allows him to breathe underwater and shoot icicles at his foes – such as Iggy, who escapes by digging under an icy dome created by Pet Shop and attempts to crush it before Pet Shop fires a series of icicles at Iggy, causing one of its wings to break off and force him back temporarily.

While not the most likable character, Chris holds deep affection for Leon and can often be found drinking tea and eating sweets despite having an attitude toward humans, which at times seems cold and disdainful; although at first, he appeared to dislike children, with time, they warm up to him eventually.

Astral Pet Store is a slow-paced manga that keeps evolving its storyline with unexpected turns and turns yet remains immensely popular worldwide. Alongside its main characters, Astral Pet Store also features numerous supporting characters and intriguing side stories. Nominated for multiple awards for outstanding artwork and storytelling, Astral Pet Store should be read by fans of both Manhua and manhwa alike; its captivating action sequences, thrilling adventures, and stunning artwork are essential reads! Available both in Chinese and English versions for maximum audience accessibility!


Super God Pet Shop is an exciting manga series that delivers captivating action and captivating characters, drawing its inspiration from fantasy, adventure, and supernatural themes. Perfect for fans of all ages and offers something for everyone – its compelling plot and characters make this series a must-read among manga enthusiasts!

Super God Pet Shop depicts an unusual world where animals and humans coexist harmoniously. The titular character, Count D, runs an unassuming pet shop in Chinatown that sells humanoid pets with peculiar powers; each pet comes with an agreement defining three significant points; breaking these can have serious repercussions. Though an unknown entrepreneur, Count D is genuinely a kind and compassionate person.

Contrary to Leon and Agent Howell, he does not view his shop as an evil place. Instead, he treats all customers respectfully, offering helpful advice and comfort whenever problems arise. Furthermore, he cares deeply for his pets, taking good care in providing food and maintenance when necessary.

Super God Pet Shop is an exciting and thrilling action game, thanks to its intense battles. Hero and villain alike engage in epic clashes that will have you gasping with anticipation! Each character possesses unique powers and abilities that make each encounter thrillingly entertaining and exhilarating!

This manga is an absolute must for fans of adventure and fantasy fiction, featuring unforgettable characters and gorgeous artwork that make this story truly compelling. If you like Astral Pet Shop/, check out its sequel too.

The manga is an action drama with an exhilarating storyline that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. The plot builds to an unexpected, dramatic climax while characters interact and adventure humorously and heartwarmingly, creating an exceptional read. Available online and in print, its unique storyline and thrilling battles make for an excellent read! It has won several awards and been translated into multiple languages, making this manga one for any age to enjoy!


Training a pet animal at Super God Pet Shop can not only be entertaining, but it’s also quite helpful. Training your pets to be assertive can be tricky, as you must ensure they can defend themselves and do damage when needed.

Petshop’s gameplay shines. Even without having high damaging normals, its icicles make up for this with their ability to take out large portions of an opponent’s health even during combos due to IPS scaling and low hits – something Petshop doesn’t boast with high damaging normals. That is why having at least some icicles up at all times while airborne is highly recommended!

Petshop utilizes various air control techniques to apply pressure against opponents and form combos. His 2A and 3A pokes can be helpful when necessary, while his chainable 4B can get close for some devastating chip damage. His 214AA is devastating at short distances, baiting if hit while your opponent stands still!

His 3C is also an effective whiff punisher that causes considerable damage; make sure not to hit too high, as this could leave them unable to recover from your okizeme (though they will still receive damage from it).

Petshop boasts an excellent ground recovery that allows him to teach on the spot and start or extend combos effortlessly, which is especially valuable if facing someone like Jotaro, who heavily relies on blocking.

He also utilizes an effective gimmick: his 214X can create a ToD without meters when hit nine times in a combo, making this strategy extremely useful against characters who rely on this tactic and leave them trapped in corners without an escape route or ability to reset their combos.