Rooms and Exits Game Review


Rooms and Exits is an incredible puzzle-solving game on Android that offers fantastic gameplay, stunning graphics, and captivating sound effects.

Your dream pet shop just got busier! Someone’s knocking at the door. Head inside and collect a key from the table before tapping it in your inventory to open up the main entrance door.

Level 1

Rooms and Exits is a hidden object game designed to test your brainpower as you escape tricky rooms. Boasting over 25 challenging levels of home escape puzzles with immersive sound effects and various themes, it also offers in-game hints when things get tough; tap the settings cog from either the main menu or within each level for assistance.

In the first room, your task is to locate and use a key from a table drawer to unlock the door. In addition, collect three tea sachets from the table and add them to your inventory before playing a mini-game by rotating squares into an image of a cat.

Rooms and Exits Pet Shop is one of the most iconic games available on Android, with incredible graphics and gameplay, making it a must-have game for those who enjoy engaging puzzle games.

Level 2

Rooms and Exits is one of the most beloved home escape games on Android. Developed by Webelinx and released on August 17, 2020, it boasts exquisite gameplay and challenging puzzles designed to keep players guessing!

Level 2 of Rooms and Exits Pet Shop is an adventure designed to test your hidden object skills, quick reflexes, and detective detective abilities. In this level, your objective is to find objects in different rooms of the store to open its door and escape, tapping drawers to collect items that can then be added to your bag.

Once you’ve collected these items, use them in the inventory to unlock the main door.

Level 3

Rooms and Exits is a beloved puzzle-solving game on Android devices that tests players’ visual and spatial abilities. This fantastic experience features gorgeous graphics with immersive sound effects. In addition, mini-games provide additional entertainment, while challenging puzzles require fast reflexes from players.

At this level, you’ll find yourself in a pet shop needing your assistance opening for business. Your task is to gather all the items seen throughout each room and add them to your inventory – as well as use these to solve complex puzzles!

Once you’ve collected all the objects, play a mini-game to complete it and earn candy balls. When done, add all these candy balls to a trash bin to reveal a key and gain entry through one of the doors for escape! For any difficulties encountered during this journey, the developer offers player support via email and Facebook.

Level 4

Rooms and Exits is an entertaining escape game with various levels to challenge your hidden object skills, quick reflexes, and detective abilities. To play, energy units must either accumulate through timed playback or be purchased with in-game dollars. Should any issues arise with playing, player support from developers is available via either tapping ‘Settings Cog’ in the main menu settings or tapping ‘Report a Problem’ within levels.

This game has quickly become an instant classic due to its incredible gameplay and stunning visuals, offering users a thrilling puzzle-solving gaming experience realistic visuals, and impressive sound quality. Created by Webelinx Games – making this must-have game available across platforms free for download – this remarkable title should not be overlooked!

Level 5

Rooms and Exits is a viral puzzle game that quickly rose to fame. Boasting gorgeous graphics and gameplay, Rooms and Exits rapidly grew in popularity among Android users and boasts many enticing features that lure them back time after time to play this addictive puzzler.

On the top right corner of the Pet Shop screen is a purple wardrobe for dressing your pets. Tap any pet to view its available outfits, then choose from hats, glasses, collars, or shirts to apply them – which you can reapply later by tapping again!

There’s also the Style to Remember minigame, which lets you earn extra points by dressing up your pets. In this memory challenge, a pet will briefly appear wearing an outfit, and you must imitate its look if possible. For extra support, if necessary, both Facebook and the in-game help cog assist –

Level 6

Rooms and Exits is an ingenious puzzle-solving game with stunning graphics and gameplay, becoming immensely popular due to its excellent features and immersive gaming experience. However, it should be remembered that playing this game requires considerable energy; therefore, it is wiser to wait before using your in-game hints wisely.

You are currently located within a Pet Shop. Someone appears to have gained entry and caused mayhem – can you help bring things under control?

First, tap the table drawer to gather an object for your inventory and use the key to unlock the door. Next, play Style to Remember minigame for a memory challenge that rewards extra clothing for your pet. If you want to pause the game at any point, simply press the pause button in the bottom right corner.

Level 7

Rooms and Exits is the ideal puzzle game to test both your mind and reflexes, offering 27 stunning levels that put hidden objects and escape-room skills through their paces. Boasting top graphics and gameplay, Rooms, and Exits promises hours of enjoyable playback.

Once you have completed the first three levels, you can unlock a new pet! Tap the paw-print icon to view your list of unlocked animals, which allows you to rename or rebrand them at any time. Plus, you can play minigames to earn additional clothing items for them!

This level’s first room is nearly vacant, except for a table bearing a key that you must collect by exploring its corners and using minigames. Once collected, your inventory will be updated accordingly, and you can open up the main door and escape.

Level 8

Rooms and Exits is an escape room game designed to put players’ hidden objects, puzzle-solving, and detective skills through rigorous challenges in 27 levels of stunning challenges – sure to put their quick reflexes and investigative prowess through their paces!

To escape, you must collect a key from the table and use it to open the main door. You can locate this key by exploring the room; once an object has been added to your inventory, tap one of four buttons at the bottom of your screen to utilize it.

Rooms and Exits is a viral puzzle game that has quickly gained immense popularity over a short period. It offers a truly remarkable gaming experience with its unique features and beautiful graphics and provides support to its users via email and Facebook and an exhaustive FAQs list accessible via tapping on the Settings cog from either within a level menu or the main menu.

Level 9

Rooms and Exits is an amazing puzzle-solving game that quickly rose to popularity. Boasting stunning graphics and audio, Rooms and Exits delivers a realistic gaming experience perfect for those seeking a challenge – offering various levels to put hidden object detection to the test!

This level takes place in a pet shop that was broken into. Your task is to clean up the mess before the opening time of an hour arrives. Gather items from each room before adding them to the bag for later use. In addition, try and collect wallets near the reception desk and chip stands on both sides of the door for bonus points!

Help is available, but it may take longer. The developers offer player support via email and Facebook should you experience difficulties while playing. If this is the case for you, reach out!