Summoned to Another World For a Second Time – Episode 2


Five years after being transported to another world for the first time, Gogo returns as a high schooler – this time with his classmates as part of their Distinia Kingdom efforts against demons.

Grandin designed a weapon to aid the GoGoFive in fighting Cobolda and Zylpheeza; she can then control anyone who uses it.


Setsu was summoned to another world to end a demon-driven war in Distinia a decade earlier, succeeding but ultimately losing Toma to an explosion while dueling with him. When returning home, he abandoned using magic, yet still felt deeply connected to this other realm, acting erratically at times.

When his classmates return as novices, he is once more overwhelmed by their power. To manage them, he attempts to spank them, but they refuse to listen. Later, he meets Elka, Glein, and Thea, who still reside here – discovering that one of them had died during an earlier war that took place here and realizing a hero had failed here, too!

He was once an esteemed hero with widespread popularity; as a result of that popularity, he fell prey to an isekai trap and was forcibly returned to his original world as a lonely high schooler.

He began as an ordinary isekai hero, but over time, his power increased so rapidly that it caused him to become corrupt and turn on those around him, killing people with brutal force and using this newfound authority to control other heroes who were fighting amongst themselves.

His obsession with the other world led him down an unpredictable path that eventually proved harmful. He was easily manipulated by his subordinates, who, even though they suspected otherwise, fell for his manipulations and fell prey to his lies – leading them all to lose love with him, which deepened his mental instability.

Plot Summary

Alison was 18 when she died during her family vacation on Saint X, an imaginary Caribbean island. Everyone speculates as to her cause of death: suicide or murder. Over two decades later, Emily, now living in Brooklyn’s heavily Caribbean neighborhood and working as a documentary editor, meets a world-weary Gogo known as Clive – whom Emily recognizes immediately – and the two begin bonding while searching for answers regarding that tragic day in Saint X.

The story is told through flashbacks and interviews with those affected by Alison’s apparent suicide, with flashbacks depicting the relationship between Alison as a young girl and her older self and exploring how tragedies leave lasting traces in people’s lives even when the event has passed.

Gogo is a lonely and depressed high school girl whose primary source of comfort comes from her messy yet degenerate teenage girls she calls the Girl Gang. Most of her time is dedicated to mourning or pining for Kurt Cobain while worrying over how others perceive her.

She is an intelligent but insecure girl, struggling between wanting acceptance from her Girl Gang and protecting herself from emotional harm – particularly sexual assault – including turning to drink and drugs as solace; ultimately, this proves too destructive.

Gogo was sexually assaulted when she was 17 and is open and honest about this incident in this movie. Additionally, she discusses its effects on her relationships with her mother and two other people from her social circle, as well as their decisions to press charges against their attacker.

Characters are well-drawn and believable, and the plot moves smoothly forward. Unfortunately, the novel contains multiple instances of everyday sexual harassment – sometimes reaching into assault – but these incidents are handled engagingly and realistically, remaining an enjoyable read overall.


Once upon a time, a boy was living a lonesome existence, ostracized by his classmates for his strange behavior and talk of the supernatural. One day, however, he was summoned to another world and saved from destruction; unfortunately, that same boy became too popular and fell into a trap that forced him back into his original environment, where he started over as an infant!

Gogo begins with an impressive opening sequence that marries poetic framing with cinematographic elements to give this manga its distinct look. Wakamatsu’s use of camera framing to highlight scenes sets this manga apart.

A group of unruly teenage girls surrounds Gogo, whom she calls her Girl Gang, which together form a more hardcore version of Rayanne Graf from My So-Called Life. Within it is Dar, who spent much of her teen years vowing to become a stripper once 18 arrived – Dar’s promise comes true when Gogo invites Dar to attend an audition at a strip club nearby when she turns 18.

Once that occurs, the story moves onto a series of awkward and hilarious teenage moments that prove both awkward and comical. Unfortunately, Gogo is also a survivor of sexual assault; therefore, the narrative frequently addresses sexual and violence-related topics like this without judgment; moreover, her perpetrator is one of Gogo’s classmates whom she confides in and ultimately decides against pressing charges against.

Gogo Second Time Virgin’s traumatic experiences may put off some viewers, but they add depth and meaning rarely found in anime or manga. Beyond its low-budget guerilla-shot cinematographic narrative style, this piece is one of the most beautifully poetic stories ever about how enjoyment destroys society while resisting government bodies’ regulation attempts.

Release Date

On Sunday, April 16, 2023, at 9:00 PM JST, Crunchyroll, Funimation, Ani-one services, Bilibili Global, and Bilibili Global will premiere episode two of Summoned to Another World for a Second Time. Additionally, it will be simulcast on dAnime Store, Hulu, and AnimeLab. Directed by Motoki Nakanishi at Studio Elle with Mikako Kunii handling character designs and Yuusuke Watanabe taking care of color design duties, respectively, Matoi composed the opening theme song, “PreCure 5 Full Throttle Go! (Purikyua 5, Furu Surottoru Go Go!), Performed live by Kudou for this series’ premiere event.

Setsu Suzuki was summoned once before to bring peace to a warring kingdom in another world but now finds himself caught up in another conflict between humans and demons – one in which Setsu recognizes familiar characters such as Eruka and Grain as they make an appearance in his battleground.

As he attempts to understand this new conflict, he discovers that people in this new world are attacked by an evil power known as Eclair, which can transform everything it touches into something it loathes – an ability that Tia warns him about. Additionally, she appears before him with a warning of imminent danger.

As Setsu fights to save his comrades, he must find a solution to stop the war from worsening if he fails. Otherwise, everything in the universe could be threatened; Setsu must eventually face his greatest battle yet!