Chapter 180 of Survival Story of a Sword King


Chapter four introduces an unexpected adversary who promises to add an exciting new layer to Hanbin’s story. As his abilities and determination come under attack from this mysterious character, his capabilities will be put through rigorous tests as they clash against one another.

This captivating manga has won readers over with its engaging storytelling and protagonist’s journey. After leaving military service, Hanbin Ryu is immersed in a magical world equipped with an obscure guideline that grants him power and experience.

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“Survival Story of a Sword King” stands out among Isekai manga due to its distinctive style and memorable characters. This captivating narrative chronicles revenge and survival through one man’s journey, unexpectedly discovering a whole new world. Readers find this compelling narrative irresistible due to its dynamic storytelling techniques and the challenges it poses for its protagonist.

Chapter 180 will answer many lingering questions while simultaneously adding layers of intrigue. Hanbin’s battle against Kivye will become even more chaotic, forcing him to draw upon every bit of strength to overcome it – making this chapter pivotal in this gripping tale of survival and revenge!

Hanbin warned them of his still dangerous nature despite not killing anyone directly. Ephyr pleaded with Hanbin not to be so confident; Hanbin insisted that he keep this information hidden from outsiders.

Hanbin stands at level 6, equating to approximately 190-200 in this new world. Additionally, he possesses several skills, such as aura manipulation and aura blade. While trying to learn more, however, progress is slow.

Hanbin’s arrogance may come naturally with his growing power, yet at times, it can make the story feel unnatural. Still, his bold character adds excellent interest and lends to its appeal, though its pacing might occasionally feel uneven. Overall, this tale offers an engaging take on a genre story.

At times, this story has been criticized for its unrealistically high level of combat and fantasy setting; nevertheless, its story continues to gain in popularity; thanks to an engaging plot, it has garnered an impressive fan base and become one of the most-read webtoons in Korea as well as giving rise to multiple spin-offs.

The next chapter’s release date is December 30, 2023, and readers can expect an exciting, introspective chapter that offers valuable life lessons. Ensure you read it on legal sites only, as pirated ones may damage your device and even cause malware infections; keeping up with updates can also be done by regularly visiting KakaoPage and Tapas; don’t forget to support creators!


Survival Story of a Sword King stands out among manga titles as one that successfully gripped audiences, thanks to its compelling tale about Hanbin Ryu’s transition into an unknown world following military service. Each new chapter tests Hanbin’s powers and determination while his character deepens over time – adding even more significant layers of complexity and intrigue to this compelling narrative. And with Chapter 180 coming soon after, it promises yet more intrigue!

Hanbin unleashes all his strength and wisdom against a terrifying monster in a new battle, landing an overwhelming blow that draws the notice of Lord Lakrell, commander of Allendia’s First Corps and one of its most influential knights. Hearing about Lord Lakrell’s reaction, Hanbin unsheathes Gigant and raises it triumphantly before shouting in victory pose; Hanbin’s arrogance adds another layer to this tale that requires readers to navigate its nuances successfully.

In this chapter, Hanbin reaches level 6 and acquires aura blade as his new skill. However, his increased arrogance causes concern among his allies over his unchecked use of power; this conflict adds another dynamic layer to an already captivating story and promises an epic and beautiful confrontation between the two forces.

Survival Story of a Sword King draws fans into its magical realm with an intricate plot and rich lore, promising to keep them hooked until Chapter 180’s addition of a formidable antagonist will help answer some of their questions while adding fresh layers to this gripping tale.

To delve into this captivating tale, manga is available across multiple platforms. English-language audiences can access Tapas’ English translation of this series; readers can also gain access to raw scans of Kakao or other sites to experience it as it unfolds.


Survival Story of a Sword King in a Fantasy World has captured readers with its captivating storytelling and dynamic character development. Hanbin Ryu, as its protagonist, has faced difficult trials that have helped hone his strength while providing invaluable experience – not to mention shaping his character further as time progresses in this narrative. Additionally, its addition of formidable adversaries promises to engage fans further as their story plays out.

Hanbin Ryu finds himself trapped in an unfamiliar and strangely perilous world after leaving the military, where his survival and growth are dictated by an insect-infested “guideline,” but instead remains tutorial level for 20 years. Determined to escape this confinement, he embarks on an arduous journey that will test all his newly acquired abilities.

In this chapter, the MC faces off against an adversary that will force him to face his shortcomings and acknowledge them head-on. If he wants to succeed against this mighty foe, he must learn to rely on teammates instead of just relying on himself alone if he hopes for victory. Even though he may be the King of this world, human problems remain outside his reach and may force him into despair.

The author is clearly out to deliver an exciting experience through this cliffhanger chapter, with Hanbin’s perseverance evident through unwavering actions despite numerous difficulties that arise within the story – something which makes this shounen so engaging and unique from its counterparts in isekai literature.

Art and colors are fantastic; characters have distinct personalities. Shounen, fantasy, and action fans will enjoy this series because its story avoids cliches while offering captivating action and suspense.

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