Rainbow Bounce House and Slide Combo


At any party, nothing spells fun like an old-school bounce house! Kids adore them, while parents appreciate that these traditional inflatable structures provide children with an outlet to burn off energy while being safely entertained.

This modern Rainbow Castle combo bounce house takes the timeless castle theme and adds color with towering 14-ft castle peaks and plenty of jumping room – sure to delight children of all ages.

Safety First

Bounce houses make the ideal addition to any children’s party or event, featuring vibrant colors and engaging designs that are sure to entertain kids of all ages. However, when using any bounce house, safety precautions must be observed at all times.

Children should always wear appropriate footwear when entering a bouncy house, and all sharp objects or toys from its exterior should be removed before permitting children inside. Furthermore, adult supervision of all guests while they’re inside ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

With these simple safety guidelines in mind, you can rest easy knowing your kids will have a fantastic time bouncing around their new unicorn rainbow bounce house combo. Boasting its modular modern rainbow design in its entrance area and featuring a spacious bouncing area complete with a climbing wall and water slide so that kids can cool off from summer heat, this will undoubtedly become the centerpiece of your next unicorn-themed party.

The unicorn on top of this bounce house not only adds aesthetic beauty but also is the ideal place for your personalized custom message – creating an unforgettable party for your guests! This remarkable feature ensures a unique and memorable event.

While this bounce house is best used outdoors, its compact design makes it suitable for use indoors, too. With an 8-foot inflatable capacity and small footprint size, this inflatable is an excellent addition to gymnasiums, auditoriums, daycares, or any other setting where an 8-foot inflatable would fit.

Before letting your children jump, they must remove shoes, glasses, and any other belongings that could potentially get lost or broken while inside a bounce house. Furthermore, it would be prudent for you to ask them to empty their pockets to ensure no potentially hazardous objects end up flying around while playing.

Remember to remind your children to smile and have fun! Though roughhousing is expected in bounce houses, never permit your kids to be aggressive or throw other children around aggressively; such actions could easily result in injuries; therefore, it is wise to set some ground rules prior to allowing them into the castle.


Bounce houses quickly become filthy after a full day of children playing inside them, jumping and sweating their way around them. If you rent your bounce house out to multiple families or an entire neighborhood, regular cleaning is vital to ensure its safety and appearance remain appealing.

Before entering a bounce house, take an initial tour through it to remove any apparent trash, such as toys, sticks, jewelry, or clothing – in other words, anything that clings. Keep an eye out for any minor injuries like scrapes or cuts requiring cleaning; any severe heat exhaustion or head trauma must be treated immediately by medical personnel.

Start by using a broom or handheld brush to sweep out the interior of the bounce house, taking special care to get under and between seams as well as any pockets or crevices where debris could be hiding. If available, use your garden hose to rinse any visible messes – particularly anywhere children became visibly ill while playing in it – this will help prevent mold and bacteria buildup in future use of this space.

Care should be taken not to spray water directly into the seams of the bounce house, as this could damage its vinyl surface. If you don’t have access to a garden hose, use a large towel instead to rinse away soapy cleaning solutions and pat dry your bounce house afterward in order to speed up drying time.

Once your bounce house is arid, it’s time to disinfect it with bleach-free disinfectant wipes. Focus on areas where children tend to spend most of their time by wiping down zippers, any netting or mesh, corners, entrances, and exits with these disinfectant wipes for best results.

Now that your rainbow bounce house has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, it’s ready for customers to enjoy. Please check the weather report prior to allowing people to use it; solid winds or rain could deflate or collapse the structure, requiring you to place a sizeable waterproof tarp under it as necessary.


Nothing screams fun like an inflatable bounce house at any party or event – kids love them, while parents appreciate their safety and security. Now imagine an inflatable rental that offered all that fun while providing obstacles, games, and activities as well. Our Rainbow Inflatable Bounce House and Slide Combo does just that.

This combo offers all the fun of a traditional bounce house plus basketball hoops, tunnel crawls, and slides – not forgetting the gender-neutral rainbow colors that make it suitable for events geared toward boys or girls! It measures 32′ left to right with an enclosed roof providing shade in hot weather as well as safe entry and exit to and from its inflatable surface. The jump area measures 32′ from left to right while 15.5 feet high! Its enclosed tunnel entrance promotes safe access and exit from this inflatable structure.

This jump house is constructed from commercial-grade 0.55mm PVC tarpaulin, making it both fireproof and waterproof. Thanks to its simple design and included stakes, set-up and tear-down are effortless. Inflating takes less than two minutes; deflation takes just as little time. In case of damage or malfunction, there is also an included repair kit with detailed instructions with illustrations for your use if something goes amiss; minor scrapes and cuts may require soap and water, disinfectant spray, and bandages, while heat exhaustion symptoms should be treated by applying cool water to skin contact points while elevating head position may provide relief whereas more severe injuries like sprains or concussions require medical intervention immediately.

Safety Tips

Teaching kids safety rules is crucial for making the most out of a bounce house event and ensuring the event runs safely, mainly if there will be multiple kids using the bounce house at one time. While rough-housing may be expected in a bounce house environment, too much pushing can cause others to lose balance and fall over, leading to potential injury as well as hindering social development in kids. Other considerations for safety include prohibiting eating inside of it as well as removing hard toys such as skateboards or sticks, which pose potential choking hazards or cause damage to its inflatable skin – more details below!

Maintaining proper hydration for kids is also crucial, and making sure there are ample hand sanitizers on hand will go far towards combatting germ spread. A hand sanitizer should be applied both prior to entering and upon exiting a bounce house in order to kill any bacteria that might have been picked up while playing.

Please limit the number of children in a bounce house at once so they can all jump and play safely together, thus decreasing the risk of accidents caused by larger kids accidentally pushing over smaller ones or being caught up in games of tag. Furthermore, having fewer kids allows adults to supervise them to ensure everyone is having fun closely!

No shoes inside the bounce house should be strictly observed, even though many guests will wear footwear. Even though most children will be wearing their footwear when entering, some kids might not. To prevent injuries from getting stubbed toes or trapped inside the bounce house and avoid unnecessary injuries quickly and safely, ask all guests to take off their shoes before entering.

Finally, it is best to avoid using your bounce house during a storm. Lightning poses an immense danger for inflatable structures like this one and could result in serious injury; high winds could make it unsafe or deflate it altogether if left exposed for too long. Make sure the bounce house is secured tightly before any storm arrives and shut down if possible to ensure optimal safety measures.