Quality House Old Style Bourbon Review


Quality House Bourbon is an economical everyday option that’s great for introducing others to bourbon culture. While not going for awards for sip alone, its value can easily outdistance those four times more expensive.

This counterpart to Henry McKenna Bottled in Bond and Elijah Craig Small Batch offers smooth caramel flavors with an irresistibly creamy vanilla finish.

Age Statement

Age Statements are essential when purchasing any bottle of Bourbon. They tell you how long it has been aged in its barrel before leaving that space and no longer aging further.

As a general rule, aged bourbon is generally of superior quality. This is because its long aging period has allowed its alcohol content to soften while taking on woody flavors that add character and give bourbon its unique profile.

There are plenty of bourbon brands out there that provide quality sips at an economical price, like Quality House Old Style Bourbon, which stands out as a cornerstone on bottom shelf shelves and represents tremendous value for your dollar.

Heaven Hill Distillery, one of the largest family-owned spirits companies worldwide, produces this bourbon under their Quality House label at a fraction of the cost associated with more expensive offerings like Henry McKenna Bottled in Bond and Elijah Craig Small Batch bourbons. They also have Henry McKenna Bottled in Bond available, as well as Elijah Craig Small Batch and 7-Year Bottled in Bond for special occasions – but also provide an entry-level offering called Quality House at significantly reduced cost for everyday enjoyment!

The first impression of this bourbon is its low proof due to being composed of mixed bourbons that have been aged anywhere from eight-12 years. Although its introduction caused some debate, its production is actually delightful compared to similar 80-proof bourbons like Benchmark Old No. 8 Brand or Basil Hayden Bourbon on the market.


This bourbon boasts a light but satisfying nose, featuring vanilla, subtle caramel, and fresh oak aromas. At first, the smell may seem closed off, but once given time to breathe, its true potential will emerge: maraschino maraschino maraschino pumpkin bread sweet apple. On the palate, this bourbon offers an easygoing sweetness balanced by spice and dry oak notes for an enjoyable and easy drinking experience.


Quality House Bourbon is a solid option that won’t break the bank; rather, its appeal lies in being readily available at an amazingly reasonable price point. As such, it makes an ideal introduction to bourbon drinking for newcomers or as an addition to any liquor cabinet.

Pleasant light aromas engulf this relatively low-proof bourbon, from apple juice and caramel notes to muted vanilla notes and subtle smokiness reminiscent of Heaven Hill’s Henry McKenna and Elijah Craig brands at a fraction of their cost.

On the palate, vanilla and lightly sweet notes predominate, along with subtle hints of corn syrup and canned peach, along with mild rye spice notes. A very brief finish reveals baking spice notes as well as dry oak.

This bourbon’s smooth texture and pleasing flavor profile make it an excellent choice for mixing cocktails, from making classic Manhattans to Old Fashioneds with ease. In highball cocktails, its simplicity provides relief to bartenders, allowing them to focus more on other ingredients without being distracted by whether the bourbon itself is doing its job.


Its low proof is immediately evident on the nose, with light but pleasing aromas of apple juice with caramel and muted vanilla, fresh oak with subtle smokiness, and light vanilla notes. On the palate are pleasant vanilla, corn syrup, canned peach notes, and even some baking spice aromas for a pleasing experience.

Though this bourbon might fall short for whiskey enthusiasts, many others will find it to be an enjoyable sip at an unpretentious price. It is ideal for running a bar and needing something on the back shelf for friends curious to sample something different without breaking out more expensive bottles or when introduced to newcomers to the world of bourbon.

Quality House Bourbon makes an excellent mix of Manhattans and Old Fashioneds, even though its flavor may never win awards. Yet its value makes it a worthy inclusion on any budget – the 1-liter bottles provide remarkable savings when entertaining or introducing people unfamiliar with bourbon to its pleasures.


Quality House Old Style Bourbon may never win whiskey of the year, but it still manages to stand out in its unique way. Perfect for exploring lower shelves of liquor stores or offering as an accessible mixer – often selling for under $13 (one-liter bottle is commonly available), this versatile spirit makes an impressive addition to anyone’s arsenal.

Low-proof Bourbon with delightful light aromas such as apple juice, mild vanilla bean, and soft, fresh oak notes is sure to please light-scented drinkers. On the palate, this lighter whiskey provides just enough flavor to satisfy casual bourbon drinkers; its finish adds a pleasing hint of smoke for an enjoyable finish experience.

White Label Heaven Hill Bourbon may not match up to the premium experience offered by their Bottled in Bond version, but this White Label Heaven Hill offering is still an excellent everyday bourbon that won’t break the bank. A great option to introduce others to this category!