Multidisciplinary Sportswear


Multidisciplinary in the context of sports science refers to the incorporation of various scientific perspectives to support and optimize training processes. This practice mirrors medical settings where multiple specialists come together collaboratively or sequentially to craft an individualized treatment plan for patients (2,6).

BT Sport owns rights to some of Europe’s premier football competitions and will assume control of Eurosport UK when its current contract ends in 2022.

BR Baby

Banana Republic has expanded into two new categories with their BR Baby and BR Athletics lines. BR Baby offers 40 pieces tailored for newborns to toddlers designed to bring out their whimsical side and more gender-inclusive designs; reports include animal prints, stripes, and illustrated plumes alongside thoughtful details like oversized pockets and buttons.

Banana Republic’s modern luxury-inspired collections for babies, such as sleepers, bodysuits, and knit tops from its adult collections, will now include children. Meanwhile, BR Athletics takes inspiration from retro athletic style but reinterprets it with an irreverent attitude. It will be sold both online and in stores as of Tuesday. BR Baby and BR Athletics join the growing lineup of Modern Luxury collections from Banana Republic that mix mainstream with fresh twists (such as their latest store locations inspired by mud huts and madras shirts!). Banana Republic will continue focusing on elevating modern lifestyle collections to customers around the globe.

BR Athletics

Banana Republic has expanded its selection of everyday pieces into two lifestyle categories – BR Baby and BR Athletics. The 40-piece BR Baby collection exudes “a whimsical and adventurous spirit,” according to Banana Republic; its pieces include sleepwear, onesies, accessories, knit tops sets, and blankets – it will launch March 16 both online and in stores, in sizes 0-24 months.

The BR Athletics collection draws its inspiration from retro athletic club attire with a focus on contemporary streetwear trends. Pieces like the striking Club Blazer and Cricket Sweater boast modern fits with emphasis placed on details like gold buttons, sleeve linings, and interior waistbands for an enhanced streetwear aesthetic.

Banana Republic announced the debut of both collections with an announcement that indicated they are expanding their product offering in order to better meet consumer demands in a time of “never-ending change.” “Our customers want us to offer even more options that speak to their heritage and values,” stated Sandra Stangl, the company’s CEO.

Both BR Baby and Athletics were developed using a “deconstructive” approach to their brand’s heritage, taking elements that had become well-known to customers, such as safari-inspired style and adventure themes, and reframing them in new ways that feel contemporary and fresh. “We approached both with curiosity and exploration in mind; I believe their results speak for themselves,” Stangl stated.

BR Standard

Robert Riddles designed the BR Standard steam locomotive in 1951 to standardize British Railways’ collection of pre-grouping locos in an attempt to make their fleet of express passenger locomotives more cost-effective and versatile. Based on pre-nationalization designs, these more compact designs were more suited for local passenger services and fast freight operations; their prototype (70000 Britannia) was unveiled for public viewing on January 17, 1951. It proved an enormous success, and its second generation, 70000 ‘Britannia,’ was revealed publicly a year later on January 17, 1951.

Riddles’ team designed a locomotive featuring a tapered boiler with a higher running plate, two cylinders, and a more petite tender. Their locomotive used Walschaerts or Caprotti valve gear; later models allowed longer intervals between inspections while offering greater efficiency at higher speeds.

Riddles and his team could not foresee the Ministry’s 1955 modernization plan that would shift emphasis away from steam traction towards diesel and electric power or the gradual decrease in coal availability that began affecting them by mid-1955.

Even so, the BR Standards were still immensely popular with passengers and were used on local services until late in the 1960s, when diesel replaced them on regular services. They have since been retired to museums but remain popular among enthusiasts.

Digital Traction’s new model for Train Simulator, the BR Class 2MT, is now available and ready to be driven on any Quick Drive route as well as scenario missions. Boasting classic black livery with early and late crests, lamp and firebox effects, custom head code, and headlamps with realistic driving physics – and much more – this locomotive can be found everywhere, from quick drive routes to scenario missions!

BR’s product lineup is solid, but they should step up their branding and marketing to compete with long-standing athletic wear brands such as Lululemon, Rhone, and Tracksmith. Their prices can be more expensive, too, especially since many codes and promotions don’t apply here.