Grey App Icons


Gray app icons provide a timeless and minimalistic way to bring a calm atmosphere to any screen, making it especially appropriate for nature lovers and plant enthusiasts.

If your app runs across multiple platforms, be sure its design remains visually consistent across each. Use rounded-rectangle shapes with front-facing perspectives, level positions, and uniform drop shadows for consistency.


Android, one of the world’s leading mobile operating systems, boasts many attractive features for businesses. Its user interface is user-friendly and customizable for displaying smartphone apps and content; additionally, third-party applications add extra user capabilities.

Customizing smartphones and tablets without spending a large sum is an intelligent option for companies, while consumers seeking stylish yet functional designs may also appreciate it.

If your Dropbox desktop app shows a grey icon, that indicates it has lost connectivity with the Internet and may cause your files and folders to become out of sync across all devices until reconnecting to it again. For help fixing this issue, visit the Dropbox Help Center; alternatively, a grey icon could indicate unread notifications.

Dark Green

This beautiful set of green app icons will bring life and brightness to your home screen with five soothing, near-neutral grey-green shades that combine beautifully. Dark green app icons provide a more relaxing, natural feeling than blue ones and pair beautifully with neutral hues like white or cream and deeper shades like burgundy or navy.

This bundle’s icons are optimized to work seamlessly on iPhone devices without resizing or cropping, so download, replace your current app icons with them, and find matching wallpaper. For more details, check out Michael Flarup’s post on Medium. Michael is an accomplished multidisciplinary designer with expertise in game development, graphic design, branding, studio Northplay management, and freelance work; with a passion for making beautiful things that make people smile, he strives to find new ways of expressing his creativity through design.


Apps no longer being used can turn grey to conserve energy, then return to full color once opened. You can set a timer or disable this feature, so all apps remain colored at all times.

Your favorite app may require an icon change, and WidgetClub or IconBundle are great resources to find one. Be sure to create a backup of the original icon if the new one doesn’t suit. Easily altering app icons following these steps.

Another effective method for clearing gray app icons is with AnyTrans. Once connected to your computer, AnyTrans will detect your iOS device. After loading all its data, its interface will appear below, with Home Screen Manager button accessible.


MacOS provides an option that turns an application or window’s icon grey when it goes into sleep mode to conserve processing power and extend battery life while enabling easy access when needed. If desired, you can turn this feature off under Settings > Appearance & Gestures to keep their blue icons visible or allow for reduced power usage and greater visibility.

Gray Dropbox icons indicate that your computer isn’t connected to the internet, meaning any changes won’t take effect everywhere you access Dropbox until you reconnect to it again. Here’s how you can fix this issue.

Use want to remove a grey app icon on iOS devices, use AnyTrans. Once downloaded and installed on your PC, connect your device and follow these instructions for cleaning the icon. When the process has been completed, an interface similar to the one below will display. Please click the Home Screen Manager button before selecting the Clean Gray App Icon option once your device has been detected.