Aesthetic Green App Icons


App icons are an exciting way to customize your home screen and bring the popular trend of sage green into an interior design onto your mobile phone with these stylish green app icons.

Whicons offers white icons for those seeking simple app icons. Furthermore, this icon pack is regularly updated and compatible with most launchers.

Neon Outline Icons

Neon icons are a trendy style choice that adds a distinctive aesthetic to apps and websites, but many find the process complicated and are left puzzled about how to achieve that perfect neon look. Icon packs can help your icons stand out and shine brightly among their counterparts.

Outline Icons stand out among several icon packs with neon outlines as the clear stand-out. Offering mass app support and a consistent design language, its icons look fantastic. Furthermore, its dark wallpaper support and request feature simplify customizing this icon pack.

Whicons is an ideal minimalist choice, available for free download with additional icons at an extra cost. Flight Lite provides more variety with white backgrounds, neon outline effects, and frosty icons to work well against light or dark wallpaper backgrounds.

Moonshine Icon Pack

Moonshine offers a more contemporary take on app icons. Inspired by Google’s design philosophy, it features a stunning collection of sleek and minimalist icons for system tools, cameras, Twitter, Facebook, and more – nearly 400! Plus, it includes high-resolution wallpapers as well as support for numerous launchers!

If circular icons have become tedious, try switching up your graphics with Verticons’ tall rectangular icons for something fresh. Offering an intriguing take on classic shapes, this pack offers various colors to select from and has been around for four years without losing its new look – regular updates still ensure compatibility across launchers! Plus, if ads bother you, there’s even an optional paid version without ads!

If you’re a fan of Stranger Things, these minimalist gradient icons will make an excellent addition to your home screen. Please show your support without overdoing it with these minimalist gradient icons that feature minimalist gradient designs from the show itself. Or go for something more traditional, such as cottagecore-themed icons, perfect for anyone wanting to bring nature-themed charm into their space!

Minimal O

Minimal design has become a prevalent trend across various fields, from books and home decor to mobile phones and the icons used on them. Its aesthetic can also be found in its icons, which often come shaped as circles to reflect its minimalist nature and are complete with wallpapers to emphasize this simplicity. Furthermore, this icon pack was made compatible with most modern launchers without special permission.

This green icon pack on Google Play has earned rave reviews from Android users, earning it one of their highest ratings. Developed with meticulous care and detail, these icons balance creativity and simplicity – giving users an enjoyable phone experience.

JustNewDesigns thoughtfully created this icon pack to work seamlessly with modern launchers, featuring over 6,000 icons that make up one of the largest and most comprehensive icon packs for Android available on Google Play for only $0.99 – you can also choose circular icon variations! More icons will be regularly added over time as part of future updates to this pack.


App Icons that add style and personality are a fantastic way to give your home screen some character. Whether your tastes lean towards light and airy or dark and dingy, there’s sure to be one to suit it all.

Graphic images make it easier to display all the essential details at smaller sizes, while photos require too much information for display at such heights. Furthermore, avoid replicating standard UI components or app screenshots as icons; instead, emphasize what makes your app unique.

An animated graphic icon provides the added benefit of being more visible when displayed against low lighting conditions, making it more noticeable on your home screen or app drawer. Plus, editing these graphical icons to fit various displays involves scaling down or adding borders – very handy!

Try the standardized rounded-rectangle shape for maximum control in designing an app icon across platforms. This shape is shared among iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS and should help ensure consistency when preparing it for larger sizes. Furthermore, creating a separate layer for its background adds depth and life to the icon design.

App icons are a powerful way of creating a more visually appealing and organized home screen, helping to organize apps by use or theme. By changing its appearance, aesthetic app icons may help combat technology addiction by eliminating distracting colors. According to Tristan Harris of design ethicist research, eliminating distracting colors from your home screen may reduce urges to check notifications or play games; you could even switch your phone’s screen color mode off or turn grayscale for maximum time spent off your device.

Pix Material You Icons

Pix Material You Icons is a free icon pack explicitly created to work with the new style of Android 12 introduced with Android Pie. Features linear icons that can change shape for virtually endless customization options, multiple color variations, and wallpaper support, plus compatibility with many launchers such as Nova Launcher, Smart Launcher, AIO Launcher, Hyperion Niagara Launcher, Lawnchair

This icon pack offers various styles, from basic line icons to more intricate geometric forms that can be used with any app. Specifically designed to look good on AMOLED screens and features light and dark themes. Furthermore, there is also an included dynamic calendar, which displays the current date on each icon – a handy feature for anyone wanting to keep track of their calendars.

It offers an expansive icon library, which its developers are constantly upgrading. They also accept user requests for new icons, making the search experience more straightforward for users! In addition, duplicate icons are removed to facilitate finding the right one for each device.

Pix Material You Icons provides another convenient feature by changing the colors of icons and widgets to correspond with wallpaper colors on Android 12 or later devices. However, users must remember that sometimes this does not happen seamlessly, and they must reapply the icon pack before seeing changes; some launchers, such as Niagara Launcher or AIO Launcher, automatically change this according to wallpaper colors.