Bonney Drying Her Shirt


Jinbe approaches Bonney, who informs her of her ordeal with the metal shark and how her ship was swallowed whole by it. Jinbe asks Bonney where her crew members have gone.

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It’s a good idea.

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Narcissists tend to possess an infantile mindset and lack the maturity necessary to respond appropriately when responding to people/situations/stress/life. They struggle with social interaction and view other people only as ways of meeting their own needs, project/deflect to avoid accountability, and lack the maturity needed to negotiate fair compromises when conflicts arise. Furthermore, their emotional IQ tends to be very low, which makes dealing with stress and anger even more challenging for them.

It’s a bad idea.

The idea isn’t worth exploring because it won’t add anything new or memorable about her personality or make her any more exciting or unique. Furthermore, this behavior shows immaturity; such people cannot respond appropriately to life. They have a childish mindset where everything revolves around them; they have difficulty giving to others without understanding their feelings; they don’t understand compromise and often resort to conflict in order to get their way; all in all, it’s not suitable for anyone involved – indeed, not them or anyone else involved.

Physics-wise, an ant’s speed and terminal velocity are minimal compared to their fall height; hence, they should cause minimal damage upon impact.

It’s not a good idea.

Being playful and lighthearted as an adult (in appropriate settings) is one thing; being immature is another thing altogether. Narcissists possess a childish mindset where everything revolves around themselves without regard for anyone else’s needs or wants – they thrive on conflict to wear people down and build themselves up again.

Ants don’t possess much mass or speed, so when they fall, they have very little kinetic energy to convert into sound, heat, or deformation.