ViaPath Technologies


Viapath Technologies was previously known as GTL and offers innovative inmate communications, education, visitation, payment, and facilities management technology solutions that enhance control and efficiency within prison facilities.

Deb Alderson, CEO of via path technologies, is dedicated to breaking the cycle of incarceration through innovative technology and services for inmates, their support networks, and correctional agencies – including lower calling costs so families can stay in contact.


ViaPath recognizes the critical shortage of skilled workers, so technology is being put in the hands of inmates to assist with upskilling. At the same time, they are incarcerated and become vital members of society when they return. Their tablets come preloaded with courses to help them obtain GEDs or vocational certifications – and even complete GED prep classes!

The company provides communications, technology, and payment services for correctional agencies and education, reentry, and visitation management solutions.


Reentry refers to the process by which an incarcerated individual returns to society and rejoins his or her family after being absent due to incarceration, typically by transitioning back from prison into community life. Reentry may involve formal supervision by parole or probation officers. At the same time, there may also be community programs offering services designed to prepare people for reentry and help start a new chapter of their lives.

Reentry can present many barriers, and these vary according to an individual. Success for some can depend on securing employment and housing and accessing education and healthcare – a good reentry program will work with local community organizations and partners to provide these essential services.

Reentry efforts must also promote offender accountability and responsibility, reduce risks of future criminal behavior, address substance abuse and mental health problems as a part of treatment, and address other related concerns, such as public safety concerns. According to studies, an effective reentry program must include multiple components that work in concert to lower offender recidivism rates and ensure public safety.

Comprehensive reentry models combine education, employment, financial literacy, and other support services into a single framework to assist incarcerated individuals in breaking their cycle of incarceration and crime while developing productive lives within their community.

ViaPath Technologies (formerly GTL) of Falls Church offers transformative technology and services for inmates and their support networks. Their reentry solutions include videoconferencing, prison phone calls, tablets with educational materials such as GED classes or job application software, and social impact platforms that connect local employers with reentrants.

COVID-19’s pandemic has forced jails and prisons to release thousands of inmates, reigniting interest in prison reform and reinvention and renewing discussion about reentry. A new generation of activists is seizing this opportunity to challenge surveillance and social control via police/incarceration mechanisms and address racial disparities in mass incarceration.


GTL’s video visitation solution allows federal, state, county, and municipal correctional facilities to offer visitors from friends, family, and professionals a secure alternative to in-person visits. This service helps relieve staff of some of their most labor-intensive tasks so they can devote more time and resources towards more pressing functions.

Visits may be scheduled simultaneously for up to four authorized visitors, subject to the Visiting Rules and Policy at each facility location. Before making your reservations, please take time to read over these guidelines before registering for your visit.

ViaPath Technologies is a premier provider of telecommunications solutions to prisons, jails, correctional agencies, and returning citizens. Their solutions range from inmate telephone systems, video visitation management solutions, and jail management software to provide inmate telephone systems, video visitation management solutions, and jail management software to over 2,000 prisons and jails nationwide. In addition, ViaPath also includes education programs, job skills training sessions, vocational development assistance, and substance use treatment for their reentry services clients. Founder Deb Alderson joined ViaPath Technologies in 2022 to further transform lives and break the cycle of incarceration while recently undergoing rebranding efforts better reflect its vision and mission.


JPay offers payment solutions that enable family and friends of an inmate to purchase tablets through commissary with limited warranties on tablets, chargers, and tablet protectors – families can do this using their JPay account to complete these purchases.

Deb Alderson, CEO of GTL (now Viapath Technologies), joined after her experience with an inmate family member. Since joining, her priority has been reducing calling rates and offering free communication options – saving customers over $100 million in calling charges alone! With her leadership, GTL (now Viapath Technologies) has successfully reduced costs while increasing transparency for families.