Top 5 1st Prize Winning Fancy Dress Ideas For Kids


Green Ogres are an easy choice for fancy dress events. All it takes for this costume is some colored body paint and cardboard cutout ears for this timeless character look! When dressing as one of these characters, your child could even parody dialogue such as: “Ogres are like onions… Donkey!”!

Your child could even add some flair by recreating his iconic one-liners! A boxer makes an easy fancy dress costume option.

1. Ogre

Shrek’s life is turned on its head when he finds himself trapped in a reality controlled by Rumpelstiltskin, an evil fairytale villain responsible for turning Fiona into a dragon-guarded tower princess. When Shrek makes a deal with Farquaad to free Fiona, however, she initially acts cold towards him because she still believes she is human during the day and an ogre during the night under Rumpelstiltskin’s spell. [115]

Once she overhears him expressing his affection for her, she realizes the truth and agrees to marry him in order to break their spell before it turns sunset and return home – where they reunited with Donkey as family members.

2. Moana

Disney’s Moana has inspired generations of children to discover their inner adventurer, but since its debut in 2016, Moana has also caused considerable debate and contention. Some critics allege cultural appropriation when Disney sells costumes depicting Polynesian princess Moana and demi-god Maui (voiced by Dwayne Johnson).

Auli’i Cravalho, who voices Moana from Hawaii and has received worldwide acclaim as her voice actor, encourages fans to dress as the character on Halloween. According to People Magazine, Moana symbolizes courage and self-discovery — two qualities worth celebrating and honoring.

Moana tells the tale of a chief’s daughter chosen by the ocean to return an ancient artifact to goddess Te Fiti. Accompanied by her trusty sidekick Pua and Heihei (an incredible sea creature), Moana embarks on a fantastic voyage across an uncharted ocean in search of Maui to return his heart after demigod Te Ka had stolen it – making this voyage fun, touching, and entertaining – not to mention a welcome addition to Disney Princess line-up as an only film featuring Polynesian heroine in Disney Princess lineup!

3. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was widely revered as the King of Pop, making a lasting mark as an influential singer-songwriter, entertainer, and trendsetter. His over 150 songs helped define music videos as an art form, influencing generations of artists to follow him.

Starting his musical career as part of the Motown group The Jackson 5 (later renamed The Jacksons), Jackson rose to stardom with hit singles and albums released under that label. When Motown released them from its contract in 1975, Jackson took control over both his musical and business affairs like never before.

Off the Wall, produced by Quincy Jones and featuring Jackson’s unique rock/soul blend that would become his hallmark, was evidence of this newfound power. Three years later came Thriller; co-written by Jackson and Lionel Richie, it topped the charts worldwide while raising substantial funds for the USA for Africa charity.

Michael Jackson was an unparalleled master of dance. During a 1983 performance of Billie Jean, his smooth “moonwalk” impressed audiences and inspired kids worldwide to replicate its backward-gliding moves. In 2009, his 14-minute thriller video directed by John Landis was recognized by the Library of Congress for being inducted into the National Film Registry.

4. Spiderman

Peter Parker was given incredible arachnid abilities after being bitten by a radioactive spider as a teenager, which he decided to use to aid others. Peter splits his time between three lives: being a Columbia University physics student, a photographer for the Daily Bugle newspaper, and superhero Spider-Man – his most well-known quote being, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Peter Parker stands in stark contrast to superheroes with god-like powers like Thor or billionaires like Iron Man; instead, he’s an awkward but brainy “science nerd.” Like them, Peter deals with issues related to managing with limited funds as a starving student while simultaneously managing both superhero duties and relationships like his Aunt May’s personal life.

This Spiderman costume uses the primary suit from Marvel’s Spider-Man game by Insomniac Games and doesn’t feature spandex; but is close to Peter Parker’s iconic costume, featuring cel-shaded coloring to give an authentic appearance and organic webs that come out of your wrists to create an exceptional experience!

6. Indian Freedom Fighter

Indian freedom fighter costumes for kids make excellent fancy dress ideas. Simple to make and ideal for any Indian child, you can teach your little one to recite “Jai Hind” with maximum effect!

Your child can purchase their costume either online or from a local store, and spending a little extra will ensure a higher-quality costume that will look more professional – they will surely be proud to wear it.

Indian freedom fighters were a fantastic mix of people from various backgrounds and rural regions of India. Men and women, Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Adivasis, Dalits, and Brahmins united against British oppression to fight for liberty for all Indians regardless of caste and religion. P Sainath tirelessly collected their stories for PARI, which provided not only a tribute to our country’s heroes but also an invaluable history lesson. His book serves both generations alike!

7. Boxer

Boxers, with their distinctive squared heads and wrinkled jowls, are hard to forget. Playful yet intelligent, these dogs make active pets while guarding family members and property against perceived threats with fierce determination.

Their bodies are compact and powerful, with broad chests, short backs, and powerful legs. Their naturally floppy ears may be cropped or trained to stand erect for increased efficiency; tails may also be docked as necessary.

The Boxer has become one of the world’s most iconic dog breeds due to its distinctive head, featuring an undershot jaw and blunt muzzle, which made it a successful hunter in its time. Coupled with their barrel-chested build and athleticism, this makes the Boxer one of the world’s most easily recognized breeds.

As with other working dogs, Boxers are susceptible to dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM). Signs may include weakness, fainting, collapsing, and breathing heavily – we offer annual screenings for this condition and strongly advise giving your Boxer a thyroid test every year as they’re more prone to hypothyroidism than other breeds.