The Best Arena 8 Deck in Clash Royale


Hog with Goblin Barrel decks offers excellent air and ground defense capabilities in the arena and is fast with its 3.1 Mortar Cycle timeframe.

This deck offers an aggressive start with its quick Bowler card attacks and ability to knock out enemy buildings quickly.

1. Frozen Peak

Frozen Peak is the eighth arena available in Clash Royale and can be unlocked once players have earned 2300 Trophies. Replacing Legendary Arena, Frozen Peak allows players to request rare cards and upgrades.

This arena features a beautiful frozen mountain range and forest that create natural defenses during multiplayer matches. There is also a crater with exciting features like large mushrooms and abundant trees – perfect for creating natural defenses against opponent attacks!

Hog Rider is the centerpiece of this deck’s attack force and can quickly destroy Crown Towers to restore elixir stores. It does a respectable amount of damage per shot against defensive buildings – ideal for taking down Crown Towers fast!

Fireball is a fantastic card to include in a deck as it can quickly take down mass swarms of troops like Minion Horde and Barbarians for just 3 Elixir profit and works perfectly alongside Bowler to destroy spamming decks or any swarm troops like archers and spear goblins. Furthermore, its lumberjack counterpart supports your troops while providing massive damage with its Rage spell.

2. Frozen Dragon

Arena 8 features new cards, allowing fascinating (if unfair) strategies. One such cycle deck incorporates classics with two new cards: Lumberjack and Elixir Collector. Lumberjack’s quick attack combines his death drop of rage spell to power your troops cloned from Balloon and Freeze magic to produce a lethal combination that can eliminate an enemy tower in four seconds or less!

This deck is easy and enjoyable to play – all it requires is picking an opportune time to drop your Elite Barbarians and unleash them with great force upon an enemy tower for massive damage while using the rest of your deck to clean up any flying defenders or provide support for your army.

This deck is one of the most beloved in the game. It can be played with and without Legendaries and excels offensively and defensively. The Golem is critical in this deck – its presence will allow your troops to gain an elixir lead more efficiently while providing protection.

3. Minions and Royal Recruits

Look no further if you need something reliable to get you through Legendary Arena. This fast-paced deck uses Lumberjack and Elixir Collector from Arena 8 for maximum effect.

The main goal in this deck is dropping two Royal Barbarians and unleashing them to do massive damage against an opponent tower. Meanwhile, Bandit, Battle Ram, and Electro Wizard provide tank protection and early-game momentum boosts.

Arena 8 provides several effective means of frustrating opponents, from Hog Riders and Dark Princes to Lumberjacks and Lumberjacks. An Ice Golem can also slow their elixir flow and make defending Princess Tower more difficult.

4. Miner and Poison

This deck focuses on keeping opponents’ win conditions away from your tower by employing cheap cycle cards like Miner and Poison, spell damage such as Arrows, Zap, and Fireball, and tank units that can withstand two hits from Hog Rider and four from Giant.

Mini PEKKA and Knight provide effective air defense, making this deck an excellent option for Arena 8 to defend effectively against air attacks. Furthermore, its Freeze ability allows it to punish defenders using precise timing.

Miner and Poison is an effective combination to aim for enemy towers directly, as its fast cycling offers excellent tempo.

Miner Poison decks require high skill levels to use successfully, making it one of the premier arena eight decks. These cards offer excellent options if you are adept with tracking and have an established sense of elixir count; however, any slip-up could prove fatal! Missteps could end in disaster quickly!

5. Balloon and Freeze

If you want to elevate your game, this deck may be perfect. It features Hog Rider – one of Arena 8’s best cards that can directly damage enemy Towers – and the new Bowler card, which can be highly effective when used correctly. Although playing it may seem challenging initially, sticking with specific strategies simplifies things!

The main goal of this deck is to deliver your Balloon to the enemy tower quickly. Use your Knight as a meat shield before following up with Royal Hogs to accomplish this goal. Moreover, for extra support of your troops, you may also drop a Poison spell to shield further and deal damage against opposing units.

This deck comes equipped with several supporting units, such as the Miner, Princess, and Goblin Barrel, to assist with taking out groups of teams more quickly, while the Princess can help take out those tough-to-kill tanks more easily.

6. Ice Spirit and Lumberjack

Famous Arena 8 deck, this one includes the Hog Lumberjack as a fast melee troop that causes significant damage to buildings. Also present in this deck is an xbow that deals excellent damage against air units – the ideal counter against Hog. Lastly, Viking provides another perfect tank option to take down most enemies with one hit.

The Ice Spirit card is an invaluable defense strategy tool, resetting Sparky and providing two seconds of freeze. Utilizing this card as often as possible can save a considerable amount of elixir; lumberjack can give support by dealing additional damage against enemy towers.

This deck is an excellent starting point for newcomers, as it contains some of the strongest cards in the game. Hog and Viking cards provide quick attacks, while the Xbow and goblin barrel tanks offer defense and anti-air capabilities.

7. Goblin Barrel

Goblin Barrel is an exceptional card that can positively impact this level of play. Ideal for both offensive and defensive use, as well as providing an effective counter against Hog Rider, its proper use requires considerable skill.

This deck offers a selection of supportive units like Minions and Royal Recruits to provide adequate defense against enemy tank units such as Golem and Giant tanks and high damage output using arrows and the new Bowler weapon.

This deck effectively combines classic cards and those introduced in Arena 8. It effectively balances defense and offense, featuring Hog Rider as your primary win condition. His primary strength lies in keeping enemy win conditions away from the castle, making it more difficult for them to hit it; however, splash attacks from Hunter or Mini PEKKA make Hog Rider vulnerable; therefore, it would be wiser to wait until an enemy tower has low health before unleashing him.

8. Giant

Whether your goal is Legendary Arena entry or low-risk/high-reward play, this deck can help! A classic beat-down deck, it will help you outshout most other decks and win against them easily.

This deck employs a Giant and some cheap support troops to protect two Princes and tank for one Dark Prince, including Miner to attack enemy towers with splash damage and Ice Wizard to defend your buildings. Ground defense is provided by Mini PEKKAs, Hunters, and Musketeers, while Cannon and Ice Spirit provide air defense.

This rush deck provides excellent flexibility, offering AoE and single-target damage options. The Vampire will help gain energy while Mime will duplicate higher-tier units; Inquisitor, Bombardier, and Ice Mage deliver potent attacks.