Quotes About Curling


Curling is an art that blends strategy, finesse, and pure luck – and can sometimes be hard to watch with all its fast ice sweeping and shouting!

No matter your experience in curling or just an admirer of its popularity, quotes about curling can provide inspiration, thought-provokingness, and laughter! Below are a few of our favorites.

1. “Sweep hard and aim true”

Curling may be best known for being the staple Olympic sport, but its history reaches far and wide. Originating on Scotland’s frozen lochs and marshes in 16th-century, where clansmen would use river-smoothed “channel stones” to place closer towards a target at one end of an ice rink (empty Scotch whiskey bottles were ideal for this task) then rapidly evolving from there into modern Olympic sport competition.

Curling involves four players on each team alternating in throwing two stones toward a 12-foot (4 meter) circular target called the “button,” earning points by being closer than any of their rivals’ stones to its center. The team that scores more points wins an end – typically there are 10 total in an entire game of curling!

Sweeping is an integral component of curling that often goes neglected. While physically demanding and time-consuming, sweeping plays a hugely crucial role. Warming up the ice in front of a rock reduces friction which reduces its curl, thus making its path straighter than it would if thrown alone. A skilled sweeper can even make one rock move straighter!

Curling’s physics is complex, but in essence, its goal is simple: create a smooth surface for the rock to travel on. However, unlike skating ice, curling ice features small bumps called pebbles; an effective sweeper must break these down by melting away at them to leave a very thin and smooth film that maintains the speed and trajectory of their shot while an incompetent sweeper could derail a shot and put their team in trouble.

2. “Curl like a cheetah”

Curling is a team sport in which four players on each of two single-gendered teams throw stones over the ice. While curling was once played outdoors on frozen lakes and ponds, nowadays most curling takes place indoors at specially equipped curling facilities where conditions and temperature of the ice are closely managed.

Curling refers to how stones curve and glide across an icy surface, yet scientists remain unclear as to what causes this behavior. One theory holds that the ice has some sort of give or elasticity that allows stones to slide over it while curling; alternatively, some stones have different frictional forces acting on different parts of the ice; neither theory has been confirmed by scientific testing.

Curling requires great skill to achieve. The stone’s path is determined by sweeping that takes place in front of it, so the direction of its sweeper makes an enormous difference to how far down the ice it travels. Furthermore, this sport necessitates powerful sweeping strokes which only compound its difficulty further.

Curling may not seem like much, more like playing chess on ice than an actual sport, yet many people enjoy this challenging yet fascinating sport. While not as glamorous or dramatic as figure skating or speed skating, curling still boasts quite an impressive presence when done well by talented teams; plus it’s simply lots of fun!

3. “Stay one step ahead of your opponent”

Curling is a team sport, so even though you may be one of its premier individual players, remember that every time you step onto the ice you are holding up seven other people. Being late can be upsetting both to your opponents and other members of your team; if this becomes an issue for you, make sure your skip knows ahead of time so they can arrange for a substitute player if necessary.

The goal of Curling is to get your team’s stones closer to a target circle – usually 1 foot (30 centimeters in diameter – known as the button than those of your opponents. Each team throws two stones per end, and points are awarded based on which stone comes closer to touching it than others; the team with the most scores wins!

An end begins when the lead (or second), vice-skip, and skip throw successive stones using their “hammers”, in turn. Care must be taken not to strike another team’s stone too closely as this could lead to it becoming “burned”.

Burned stones don’t necessarily spell game-over, but they do constitute a serious violation that could force your opponent’s lead to deliver the last stone of an end as punishment. Burnt stones also violate the Spirit of Curling – defined by the World Curling Federation as good sportsmanship, kind feelings, and honorable conduct – so consider your opponent as their lead when making their moves during an end.

Curling umpires tend to be accommodating of players during games, only interceding when there is an argument over a rule or regulations. Therefore, it’s essential that competitors respect one another and do not attempt to disrupt or interfere with each other’s gameplay in any way. Instead, compliment a good shot made by either team rather than criticize a mishap or setback that occurs.

4. “Curls were meant to be celebrated”

Curling is an engaging sport that demands strategy and finesse to play successfully. Commonly referred to as “Chess on Ice”, curling also has various nicknames like “The Roaring Game”. Here are quotes about curling that will deepen your appreciation of this wonderful pastime!

Curls are beautiful and they should be celebrated. Unfortunately, many individuals don’t appreciate this and often treat curly locks like specimens. This can lead to damage in the form of split ends as well as compromise an individual’s self-esteem and sense of identity.

Celebrating curls should involve proudly showing them off and appreciating their natural beauty, whether by letting them down, styling them up, or wearing them in their natural state. Unfortunately, some individuals don’t know how to do this and try straightening or other means to conceal their coils instead.

Damage and pain to curls are a serious threat, leading to the breakage of hair strands and ultimately leading to their destruction. Therefore we must treat our curls carefully.

Curling is an amazing sport and should be celebrated. That is why it is essential to wear your curls with pride, showing off their natural beauty by letting them down, decorating, or styling them up. For more information on curling check out our blog post Getting Started With Curling; also share our incredible quotes about curling with friends!

5. “Curls are like chess on ice”

If you’ve ever watched a curling game, you might have wondered why people refer to it as “chess on ice.” While curling does involve some strategic thinking and physical exertion, its popularity makes its fans much likelier! Not for faint-hearted individuals!

Curling is a team sport in which four people use heavy granite stones known as rocks to slide them across an ice sheet toward a target known as the house. Each end lasts eight or ten shots and the team with more points wins; to score successfully the goal should be getting closer to the button than your opponent at the end of the game.

The game originated in Scotland during the 16th century, making its unofficial Olympic debut at the inaugural Winter Olympic Games held in 1924 in Chamonix. But, it would take until 1998 in Nagano for it to officially become an Olympic event.

One of the reasons that curling is such an engaging game is its mixture of strategy and creativity. While physically demanding, especially the sweeping aspect is particularly demanding; leads and seconds who do most of the sweeping need to be in excellent physical condition to compete at its highest levels; even then they must practice year-round!

Curling may not be as well known as other winter sports like ice hockey and skiing, but it can still be an engaging activity! Make sure to watch out for this hidden yet intriguing sport when watching Winter Olympic coverage; curling may even provide the perfect introduction to new activities! Grab some friends, head down to your local rink, and start curling today!