Orion of the Dragon Chain – Lisa Learns the Truth


Lisa was surprised when Nozomu looked back with an expressionless expression. Lisa looked away, with an unfamiliar smile appearing on her lips.

She’s an outstanding student at Solminati Academy with excellent grades. She excels at magic and has developed the Peacock Flame Vortex spell – an intermediate-level magical spell capable of unleashing an unimaginable torrent of fire onto opponents!

What happened to Ken?

Ken was one of Nozomu’s childhood friends and always felt attracted to her, yet was unwilling to pursue any romance until Lisa came along and was dating another boy. To try and curb his emotions, he formed an agreement with Mefi to stay away, but Mefi wasn’t able to handle his presence effectively, and it only served to stimulate it further, prompting Ken’s urges further and eventually leading him into chasing Lisa desperately.

His appearance was altered, and his smile seemed out of place. People who saw him were confused, yet he was confident. He believed he had won against Nozomu; also, by showing her support, she may have doubts about his true intentions.

He then demonstrated to her how he had used his ability to alter his appearance by wearing the mask he was now donning. Although this ability could change one’s personality, in the past, he used it to scare and deceive people; eventually, it even led some to fear or fall in love with him! Unfortunately for Nozomu, she felt betrayed and wanted nothing more than to break off their relationship; little did she know, however, that his plans included something more significant for them both.

What happened to Nozomu?

Nozomu bit his lip to control his anger. Although he knew he couldn’t save Zonne right now, his priority was keeping Lisa. Reaching beyond the darkness, he reached out his hand and grabbed Lisa’s. Her moist eyes met his with an imploring look of imploration.

Nozomu could only see half of her body, yet still recognized her soft voice as she apologized softly to Nozomu for what had happened. She whispered her apologies through it all.

Camilla was immediately shocked when Nozomu spoke directly into her heart with his straight gaze and tone of voice, yet was initially speechless before finally opening up, lamenting over the two years she had spent running away from home.

Nozomu could not understand why she felt this way. Although he knew he hadn’t always been able to protect her as much and had hoped to become stronger so as to be better able to assist her, his own sins had also contributed. Letting himself become vulnerable through Ken’s manipulation and being impatient with himself was something for which Nozomu must accept responsibility; consequently, he bowed down and apologized.

What happened to Camilla?

Camilla’s eyes widened at people gathering behind the school building. She felt their stares of disdain, which brought an unsettling fear into her heart; Camilla turned pale, her voice faltering as she attempted to speak, her face turning white as her words faltered as they tried to be spoken aloud.

Since being abandoned by Nozomu, she had felt betrayed and scorned everywhere. Even the remote building where she sought sanctuary didn’t provide relief. Even if these people hanging out had nothing to do with who betrayed her in any way – she felt sure they must have been.

Irisdina Francilt was visibly shaking with anger as she stared at Lisa with anger-filled eyes – something uncharacteristic of her gentle persona and something Camilla found disconcerting in such a discontentment. Camilla felt uncomfortable seeing Irisdina like this.

Camilla was left speechless after hearing what the female student had to say; even as she attempted to close her mouth, the words from their teacher still echoed within her head.

As she listened to Irisdina’s words, her feet slowly progressed forward with increasing carelessness. Although shaken by Irisdina’s confession that she had betrayed Nozomu, she continued moving her feet without further comment or action being taken on her behalf. Although aware that Irisdina had feelings for Nozomu, she found it surprising when hearing she had betrayed Nozomu herself – feeling powerless against it or knowing what course of action to take due to the fear being consumed by the guilt she felt trapped under its weight of responsibility and guilt-she moved slowly forward with cautious steps as Irisdina spoke of their conversation before finally taking an active stance when hearing Irisdina told them they betrayed Nozomu by telling Irisdina of crossing Nozomu who she knew Irisdina had feelings for Nozomu she knew Irisdina had feelings for Nozomu without ever being told anything like this news of betrayal from Irisdina it made her shatter all at once more fearing than ever before she knew what would happen next! But her feet kept moving slowly forward as she heard Irisdina tell her off-guard after Irisdina told off Nozomu on an offense towards Nozomu that made him. But to her surprise, Irisdina gets caught betraying Nozomu! But she couldn’t because that would make her suddenly betray Nozomu and feel in the other. However, as the other had crossed Nozomu, guilt would take him. She felt helpless while being overcome with guilt as she was being told. But kept moving in silence until finally made an offending N was rattled she kept moving t, betraying Nozomu in anger by Irdina that this one. But this news that this had done something she never could change. Who’d Irdina could change that one too soon find something. But something had happened between Nozomu after all this whole. She began betraying; who knew who betrayed Nozomu? That surprised her so quickly made him… It made sense, and I felt guilty after realizing who’s position. But this moment, when buried in silence after finding out she couldn’t change! So quickly… but unfortunately betraying him……….. This one, too!… She could no matter because now, but maybe… She didn’t alter anyhow, would soon after this soon too………………… so quickly? So quickly! Now… When someone could…….! Well!! But she wasn’t until she told him… It happened…! So many ways, which would now?! But… He might well! It……..! She found… It must… She’d then she knew exactly! But….he wouldn’t change it… But….. so much sooner instead of betraying him! He could be so quickly surprised by it all…But… But…!…. So it left him!!! Ohhhh? So… when this……….. So…! (or more or possibly him…! He’s! If only because… so much worse, though…!? When the whole… so much faster…!?! Well!!! (or anyhow?!?) suddenly betrayed him after all… but still. But the only thing… But still hurt him later!! It seems really…!!!!! Oh…!… just one…!!! I could get rid, of course.

What happened to Tiamat?

The massive dragon roared, its body covered in hatred. As its flames lashed against Nozomu like an angry storm, its words of betrayal came flooding back at him like waves of fury. Nozomu had no chance to calm himself as his heart raced faster – Zonne’s words still echoing that breaking through Ability Suppression may allow him to save Lisa from certain death.

Nozomu could feel his body starting to tire itself out from exertion and Tiamat’s rampage, with vision becoming foggy and throat burning due to hyperventilation; his strength had worn thin after using it on Cyclopses; now, his Qi had reached its limit and could no longer keep pace.

But Nozomu remained determined to protect Lisa. He grasped an invisible chain and pulled with all his might, feeling its tightening around his neck as Abyss Grief tried to devour him from within; Nozomu was desperate for freedom, yet remembering what Zonne had told him: that by releasing Ability Suppression the sealed Tiamat would likely try more likely devour Lisa and others instead of him; giving it one last try could mean too late for Nozomu and Lisa who had promised each other never to part ways as childhood friends they never planned ever to part ways.