National School Prince is a Girl


National School Prince is a Girl is an engaging and captivating novel that will enthrall readers. Combining hacking, gaming, gender-bending, and romance into one fascinating tale.

Fu Jiu is a young woman raised as a male. She portrays herself as a gay high school boy while secretly operating as the hacker Spade Z and hunting criminals online. Girls at her school adore her presence, while bullies such as Huo Siyu fear her presence.


National School Prince is a Girl is a reincarnation web novel with many colorful elements that add depth and vibrancy to its plot. Fu Jiu, the main protagonist, disguises herself as a gay high school boy to pursue her passion for hacking and fighting criminals; her unconventional method of seducing female students and unparalleled gaming prowess has earned her the renowned title of Hacker Queen due to their skills.

Ange lives with her father, who has already cut off financial support due to her homosexual tendencies, while also dealing with bullies such as Huo Siyu, who has taken exception with her stealing Young Master Qin Mo’s affections and bullying her in school. Additionally, Ange struggles between identifying as female and living life as male.

Fu Jiu is an energetic female protagonist who uses her skills to defend herself from bullying at school and seduce other girls using feminine charm. Fu is known for her mastery in gaming as well as hacking crime sprees with an alter ego known as Spade Z, where she excels at punishing evil online.

National School Prince is a Girl is written and published by OldZei and can be read across various reading platforms online, providing depth to its story. Each character embodies a unique personality and motivations. Even some romantic tension between lead characters makes this tale all the more gripping! Fans love its diverse cast of characters! National School Prince is a Girl has won fans across multiple reading platforms worldwide thanks to OldZei’s writing.


National School Prince is a Girl is an engaging tale of reincarnation and romance featuring Fu Jiu as its protagonist. Fu is an independent yet brilliant girl who disguises herself as male to keep her identity a secret, gaming escapades as hacker Z and fighting injustice – keeping readers on the edge of their seats until she interacts with cold yet distant classmate Qin Mo, adding romantic flair to the tale.

Fu Jiu faces many difficulties as a high school student, including confusion from classmates due to her masculine appearance and behavior that leads to misperceptions of femininity. Furthermore, she must contend with bullies like Jiang Feiyang and Huo Siyu, yet she remains determined to stand up for herself and fight back against those who wish her harm.

The novel is an exciting blend of genres, including action, romance, and comedy. Its compelling plot and characters have proven immensely popular: Fu Jiu is an outgoing young woman with an adventurous spirit who excels as both a boy gamer and hacker – while at times her adventures may be exciting, they never compromise her principles or integrity.

This novel follows a “he” who is actually female, which creates much fascination among her classmates at school, yet she must face many difficulties along her journey. When she falls in love with Young Master Qin Mo and finds out he doesn’t financially support her anymore; he pulls financial support away as well. Still, despite this setback, she perseveres and fights tyrannical bullying from Huo Siyu and takes them down head-on, making her one of the novel’s memorable and lovable characters! Additionally, it contains themes including gaming hacking, gender-bending, and military, providing plenty of excitement along the way!


National School Prince Is A Girl explores multiple themes, blending hacking, gaming, gender-bending, military service, and romance into an engaging plot that keeps readers turning pages. Additionally, there is an assortment of intriguing cases throughout that keep readers immersed in its pages.

National School Prince is a Girl features well-defined characters who add much intrigue and drama. Fu Jiu stands out as an outspoken character who manages to outwit her two primary bullies, Huo Siyu and Jiang Feiyang. Furthermore, Fu is in love with Young Master Qin Mo.

Qin Mo is another intriguing character. He personifies the archetype of an inaccessible magnate and appears intimidating. Yet when around Fu Jiu, he can be warm and loving; his strong sense of loyalty to her makes him even more captivating. All supporting characters also offer their distinctive personalities and motivations, adding depth to this tale.


National School Prince is a Girl is an engaging story of identity, friendship, and romance. Fu Jiu was raised as male but strives to embrace her feminine side and live her life fully despite challenges associated with maintaining two identities simultaneously – primarily academic excellence – making her an engaging protagonist whose interactions with Qin Mo add romantic tension to the narrative. Additionally, Fan Jia shows distinct personalities and motivations, which complement both main characters’ story arcs perfectly.

Fu Jiu stands out from her fellow girls by being very masculine in appearance and behavior; this has led her into trouble with bullies such as Jiang Feiyang and Huo Siyu. Furthermore, her infatuation with Young Master Qin Mo leads to financial support from her father, yet Fu Jiu remains undeterred and begins dating him secretly instead.

Fu Jiu may appear to be an innocent young high school boy; however, she is actually Spade Z, an online hacker known for hunting down criminals online. Due to her masculine appearance and gaming prowess, Fu Jiu has earned respect and fear within the online gaming community.

This captivating web novel weaves elements of rebirth, school life, romance, and hacking together into an enjoyable read. The pace is fast, and the plot is compelling despite some cliches or infeasibilities in its plot line; its combination of themes makes this story engaging to any fan of these genres.