Leather Christmas Stockings


Make Christmas morning extra special this year for you and your family by creating unique leather stockings. Easy to assemble, these will look beautiful hanging on your mantelpiece!

Start by printing and tracing the stocking pattern onto leather, marking its top edge where you will put the punched monogram.

Embossed leather

Leather Christmas stockings are a beautiful way to show your loved ones just how much you care. Crafted by hand in one-of-a-kind designs, these unique stockings make great additions to fireplace mantles or as gifts for special friends or relatives. Add custom name tags stamped into leather; these come equipped with grommets for hanging and leather cords for convenient hanging; they’re sure to bring holiday cheer to any party or special event!

These stockings make an excellent present for minimalists! I was delighted that they sold out quickly last year, so it is my pleasure to bring them back this Christmas season. These minimalist stockings provide just enough tinsel-and-tat fest without cluttering up your living room!

At the first stage of making a personalized leather Christmas stocking, tracing its pattern with a spacer wheel and stitching awl is vital to its creation. Be sure to poke through all the slight indentation that forms with each pass of the wheel, as these will serve as guides when sewing later on. Once complete, start running stitching from any of your top edges until completed!

Step two in creating a leather stocking involves cutting out fabric using your cutting mat and leather hand-sewing needle. Choose either plain or contrasting thread colors depending on your taste; any excess shearling left can be tucked under as you finish sewing your last stitches.

Hair on hide

This gorgeous hair-on-hide leather Christmas stocking makes the ideal addition to any western or lodge-inspired home. The front of this charming stocking features silver metallic acid-washed cowhide with leather cuff and fringe, an eye-catching decorative rhinestone flower concho, as well as 10″ leather string for double saddle stitching and genuine rabbit fur on its top, making each stocking one-of-a-kind! The back features heavy upholstery leather; however it comes complete with 10″ leather string. Lastly, it comes complete with double saddle stitched edges, and genuine rabbit fur makes its final touch!

These stockings are large enough to fill with gifts for everyone on Santa’s list! Additionally, they’re great for decorating your mantle all year long and showing your family and friends just how much you care! Showing you appreciate them all year long.

Handcrafted stockings made with care! Each one is an original work of art and creates an unforgettable present! Add a personalized tag with their name to complete your order for even more customization!


If you enjoy sewing, Laura Radniecki has created the ideal Christmas stocking idea: this beautiful striped patchwork stocking. Perfect for animal lovers and your mantel display. Her instructions on the site are user-friendly, creating something truly one-of-a-kind! Her pattern can also be found online, as well as instructions for embroidering letters that allow for customization with family names!

Embroidery is more than simply stitching fabric; it is an art form that utilizes various stitches and knots to create beautiful designs. Before beginning embroidery, it is essential that you know what you’re doing as this project can take some time if you’re just starting; be patient and cautious as learning embroidery may take time but there are plenty of resources online available to you that can teach basic skills! Before embarking on your endeavor, be sure to explore your options!

This embroidered leather Christmas stocking will wow your guests this holiday season! Crafted of genuine hair on hide, its design includes a brass concho with a leather rosette. Completed by its leather strap for hanging. A timeless piece of cowboy-themed decor that would fit seamlessly in any rustic, lodge, or barn-themed home.

To create this stocking, you’ll need some white felt, black thread, and either a sewing machine or hand needle. First, find and print out a paw-shaped template from the internet before tracing it onto your stocking with both toes facing left or right and cutting out both paws from their pattern.

Once this step has been completed, it’s time to sew! With either your sewing machine or hand needle, stitch each short side with a 1/2 inch seam allowance before adding your fur cuff over the top, ensuring its edges line up with those of the stocking, and sew around its perimeter while leaving 1/2 inch seam allowances on either side of it.


These personalized leather Christmas stockings are an easy and luxurious way to add some luxury to your holiday decorations. Perfect for design-conscious minimalists in your life and sure to please Santa himself this year – they sold out rapidly last year but are back again this time around!

These knitted stockings feature vegan leather patches that can be customized using laser technology for lasting durability, making these stockings large enough to hold all of the goodies that Santa brings while remaining suitable for everyone in your family.

To customize a stocking, enter the name you would like in the “name” field in your cart. Be sure to add only one word at a time to ensure you receive a matching stocking with a patch – the default font being Cork unless specified otherwise. Before adding names, be sure to select a stocking color and patch as otherwise, your order may not be processed successfully – available colors include green, burgundy, and white stockings.