Koenig Arius Review


Koenig Knives manufactures some of the highest-quality knives available today, rivaling those of Strider, Hinderer, and Chris Reeve. Their titanium frame lock flippers are sleek, elegant, and modern – an awe-inspiring achievement in cutting-edge technology!

The Arius is the epitome of such versatility. Boasting an M390 blade with superior detent break and fall shut action, an oblong opening hole, and a robust thumb stud – it offers everything you need for easy manipulation.

Fit & Finish

Bill Koenig set out to create a premium knife that met standards few knife makers could meet, and with the Arius, he accomplished just that. Every element of this knife exudes quality, from its premium materials to its precision fit and finish – from buttery smooth blade deployment and titanium milling to its wide array of options and finishes to suit every taste and preference – not unlike its flagship Holt knife series which are one-off pieces; unlike its production counterpart which comes with its warranty from Koenig Knives.

The Arius frame lock pocket knife is constructed from durable stonewashed M390 steel with a contoured titanium locking side and carbon fiber show side. Equipped with a ball-bearing pivot for smooth action and bank vault-like lockup. It also features a recessed thumb notch and milled titanium backspacer that serves as both a backspacer and lanyard hole for convenient everyday carry. Its slim design makes this perfect for everyday carry.

Arius is a high-end production knife manufactured in the US with impeccable fit and finish. The titanium handle features smooth contours, polished surfaces, chamfered edges, captured pivot for increased strength, and an overall feel reminiscent of German automotive precision.

The Arius frame lock flipper knife is of exceptional value, thanks to the quality manufacturing and materials used during its creation. It rivals top manufacturers like Strider, Hinderer, and Chris Reeve Knives with regard to action but lacks ergonomics, making it better suited to medium-duty use instead. Unfortunately, its lockup can shift too soon along its blade tang – something some users might find acceptable but should undoubtedly be taken into account if searching for premium folding knife options.


The Koenig Arius frame lock flipper knife is handcrafted in the US using premium materials and precision machining. It features a tall hollow grind blade with captured pivot and ceramic bearings to keep things running smoothly, as well as a lightening pocket in its frame for weight reduction; its action is silky smooth, making this small knife enjoyable to use despite its compact dimensions.

The Arius also comes equipped with a hidden pocket clip and Corda patterned titanium scales, giving it a distinctive look that’s both classy and modern. Inspired by Bauhaus’s design, its detent break and fall shut action works flawlessly while centering is absolutely accurate – something the knife’s detent opening hole adds some flair to. This knife offers exceptional value at a truly competitive price point.

Koenig’s attention to detail sets his knives apart. For instance, his Arius has an unusually tight gap between its lock bar and its perspective handle scale, almost half as narrow as that found on Chris Reeve knives. This small detail contributes significantly to user comfort and is an indicator that this knife isn’t mass-produced.

The Arius flipper knife is an impressive little flipper that rivals some of the top knives on the market, such as Norseman and Specter. Boasting exceptional fit and finish, incredible ergonomics, and a heartwarming backstory, it makes an excellent option for anyone in search of an American-made tactical blade. Just make sure that when testing, hard grips won’t force too far past its locking system – as that might overtravel at times!


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Koenig Knives has reached the pinnacle of manufacturing excellence and achieved the holy trifecta of makers (Strider, Hinderer, and Chris Reeve). Their flippers boast impeccable detent break; fall shut action, bank vault lock-up functionality, and stylish ergonomic contoured titanium lock sides with Corda-patterned carbon fiber show sides for style and durability. A hidden pocket clip screw provides a sleek aesthetic while a satin backspacer adds minimalist aesthetics – all adding up to a premium knife worth its high price tag; perfect for daily carry or heavy-use applications!


The Koenig Arius is a premium knife with incredible action, ergonomics, and fit & finish. Crafted in America from some of the highest-grade materials and premium construction techniques available – including Norseman and Specter models – its action stands up well against those from leading competitors on the market like those found on this USA-made knife.

It features a contoured titanium lock side and titanium or carbon fiber show side for secure closure, along with a smooth marbled copper carbon fiber handle, DLC finished bright washed Bohler M390 blade, an elongated thumb hole, an easy opening/closing action, and an extended thumb hole. A heavy-duty frame lock flipper that is exceptionally smooth when opening/closing is included to round off this package.

Bill Koenig has made headlines this year for exceeding the quality standards set by industry titans Strider, Hinderer, and Chris Reeve with his newly designed Arius knife. To do this, he used high precision machining with excellent fit and finish as well as some exciting features such as hidden pocket clip screws and Corda pattern titanium scales that look stunning, even including floating backspacers to add visual flair and stability – overall making this premium knife something everyone should add to their wishlists!