How to Breed G’joob in My Singing Monsters


G’joobs are lazy creatures who spend their days slumbering under Halle berry trees. They play bassoon music while napping; according to them, “living is easier when one closes his/her eyes.”

This monster offers good coin production but can be tricky to breed successfully. Plant Island with T-Rox and Pummel is best for optimal success, or Cold Island can also work – they should use Bowgart and Spunge, respectively.

Plant Island

G’joob is a Rare Mythical Monster found in My Singing Monsters. It was introduced alongside Cranchee and Amber Island Wave 8 on October 12th, 2022, during Version 3. G’joob can be created by breeding T-Rox with Pummel; breeding takes 18 hours but can be increased with Wishing Torches.

G’joob is a hazardous monster, so players should use caution when breeding it with other monsters. With its high attack rate and quick breeding speeds, it can kill any other creature it comes into contact with. Furthermore, its coin production remains low, making this monster ideal for use in dungeons to produce gems efficiently.

G’day, another Rare Mythical Monster from the same island, bears a striking resemblance. Both creatures share similar color schemes, instrument families, and identical names; additionally, they share every decoration as a sign of their close relationship.

The name Good is a play on “G drive,” an external hard drive for Apple computers that is highly popular for storing music files, videos, and documents. With its large storage capacity and durable construction, this model can also be found among gamers who play video games on laptops and desktops, plus many accessories, including USB hubs and keyboards!

Cold Island

On Plant Island, G’joob can be bred using T-Rox and Pummel as breeding partners to increase your chances of successfully generating it – though this won’t guarantee a 100% breeding success rate! You can also use Wishing Torches to increase the odds further; its incubation takes 18 hours.

Stormbonin was released alongside Rare G’joob in version 3.7.1 on October 12th, 2022, and can be obtained on Mythical Island through an unsuccessful breeding attempt between Cataliszt and Bleatnik; Strombonin can also be obtained this way; both animals possess good coin production with high happiness rates but low levels.

Like Blasoom, G’day also produces the sound of a bassoon, and its description indicates it may be waiting for the sun to come out to try to get some sunbathing time; perhaps about The Beatle’s song, I Am the Walrus? Both monsters share similar names and instrument families; moreover, both enjoy playing under the shaded fields in Halleberry Parks.

Mythical Island

G’joob is a Mythical Monster found in My Singing Monsters that can be obtained by breeding T-Rox and Pummel together. While not guaranteed to generate successfully every time, your chances can increase by using Wishing Torches to improve breeding success rates.

G’joobs are sleepy creatures who spend much time relaxing under Halle berry trees and using six flippers to move about. Additionally, they’re known to sleep in the sun when it arrives – this describes The Beatle’s song, “I Am The Walrus.”

G’joob stands out with its signature sound, composed using effects and instruments to produce its melody. This Mythical Monster belongs to the rock music genre and sounds similar to a bassoon, thus making him unique among its counterparts. Unfortunately, his earnings per minute are relatively low; this can be increased by increasing his Happiness percentage (He likes to improve it) and Monster Level; after reaching Monster Level 15, teleportation to Mythical Island becomes possible, as well as breeding structures on Gold Island; unfortunately it cannot be placed there or placed there or bred in any Breeding Structures there!


Gjoob monsters have three times more chance of spawning during this Mythical bonus event, making it an excellent opportunity to try breeding one. To increase your odds, utilize teleportation so the two monsters have equal odds at breeding together in one location – this will increase their odds significantly!

The Gjoob is a monster with similar features to G’day, sharing his name, instrument family, and ability to sing “I Am the Walrus.” Additionally, its Spooktacle costume pays homage to John Lennon by featuring eyeball rings as part of its design – two traits shared between both creatures.

This rare monster is a quad-element monster containing all four elements: Water, Fire, Earth, and Air. Though difficult to obtain initially, once acquired, this is a mighty monster. Pummel and Strombonin can be used together for breeding; alternatively, Cataliszt may also work; both combinations take 22 hours and 30 minutes (compared to most monsters).

Along with its long breeding time and low base earnings rate, this rare monster also has an acceptable maximum income potential that can be increased through level and liking upgrades. However, as with other rare monsters, the Gjoob can only be obtained during special short time periods announced within-game.