How to Apply For Free Coaching Scheme 2022


The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment recently unveiled a free coaching scheme for students from Scheduled Castes with family incomes up to Rs 8 lakh who wish to pursue physical coaching of their choice. Financial support may be granted for this.

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The government is undertaking the free coaching scheme 2022 as part of its commitment to reduce inequality between rich and poor communities by covering tuition fees for students from economically disadvantaged SC and OBC communities who wish to participate in competitive exams or secure employment within both public and private sector environments. Through this scheme, coaching costs for economically disadvantaged SC and OBC communities will be covered so they may compete effectively at exams as well as secure work in both sectors, ultimately narrowing any disparity that might exist between rich and poor groups.

Students looking to participate must have an annual family income of less than Rs 8 lakh (the equivalent of four people living together), with the ministry funding their coaching course up to Rs 1,20,000, with monthly stipend payments covering nine months (or the duration of a coaching course, whichever comes first) until completion. Students must enroll at an institute approved by the ministry.

Candidates applying to this scheme will need to submit both an application form and income certificate as proof of eligibility, then will be chosen by a committee of officials based on these documents. Furthermore, this committee will oversee student progress at their coaching center so as to make sure they get the maximum benefit out of their time there.

Students looking to qualify for free coaching schemes must come from either the SC or OBC community and have an annual family income of Rs 8 lakh or below, in addition to having passed a qualifying exam (usually Class 12 exam), for which free tuition would apply (either Preliminary and Mains exam or two-stage exam will count towards eligibility). They also must pass qualifying exams like Preliminary and Mains exams, which qualify them.

To be eligible for the free coaching scheme, candidates must achieve at least 50 marks in a qualifying exam and have taken both board/degree examinations prior to this one. If a student has not yet taken their qualifying exam within two weeks of applying to this scheme, he or she must appear before sitting it within this period. A certificate of eligibility must then be provided to their coaching institute, which will disburse a scholarship via Direct Bank Transfer (DBT).


The government recently unveiled a program designed to assist students from Scheduled Castes and other marginalized communities with their education. This free coaching scheme covers tuition costs as well as provides monthly stipends; those enrolling must present proof of financial status and their Aadhar number before being eligible for this benefit.

The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment has unveiled guidelines for this program, making eligible candidates SC and OBC students with family income up to Rs 8 lakh annually. Students interested in the program can apply online by visiting its official website; once completed, students will receive an ID and password, which allows them to log in and begin studying for exams.

For the free coaching scheme to work effectively, students need a valid Aadhar card and bank account with sufficient balance. Next, they must submit proof that their institute provided them a fee receipt or copy of an entry in their bank passbook that shows they paid course fees – once this information has been uploaded, they will receive a monthly stipend of Rs 4000 or so until their course or nine-month limit whichever comes first.

This scheme will offer financial aid to students enrolled in courses with qualifying examinations at the undergraduate (UG) level. Forty percent of slots will be reserved for those taking courses training with Class 12 exams as their qualifying exam; furthermore, a portion of places has also been set aside for physically disabled students.

Students interested in applying for this free coaching scheme should visit its official website and select the “Guidelines” option on its web page; instructions will then appear onscreen for reading before selecting “Register Option,” where an application form and stipend are both accessible.


The Free Coaching Scheme, introduced by the government of India, seeks to offer high-quality coaching for Scheduled Caste (SC) students enrolled in Civil Services examinations conducted by the Union Public Service Commission or State Public Service Commissions. It will empower SC candidates through quality instruction while meeting its goal of honing competitive skills. This program offers coaching for both preliminary and main exams; mock interviews may also be included along with the preparation of personal statements and mock interviews; additionally, it pays stipends directly into local students’ accounts so that they may remain enrolled while continuing with their studies in cities or regions where coaching takes place.

Registering for the scheme requires having a valid Aadhaar card, residency in the state where they’re applying, proof that they passed their Graduation exam (providing an affidavit as proof), not receiving similar benefits under another government scheme before, attending classes on time and without going away on vacations or holidays without prior permission of their coordinators and attending all scheduled classes at scheduled times without missing class sessions without giving sufficient notice to their coordinators.

Students with valid Aadhaar numbers can visit the official website of a free coaching scheme and click on its link. A webpage will open, presenting three options – guidelines being one. After selecting this option, the student can fill out their application form.

Once an application has been received, it will be forwarded to the State Coordinator for each district for processing and verification before being issued with a Certificate of Enrolment for candidates selected for coaching center enrollment in physical mode by SCs with annual family income up to Rs 8 lakh annually seeking financial support to pursue physical-mode courses of their choice. The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment issued a notification inviting SCs with incomes up to Rs 8 lakh to seek financial aid so that they may pursue coaching in physical mode courses they wish.


The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment has unveiled a new scheme designed to assist Scheduled Caste (SC) and Other Backward Classes (OBC) students who wish to take part in various competitive examinations. It provides free coaching for those unable to afford tuition fees at private institutes and will cover more exams, such as the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) and Joint Entrance Exam for Engineering, than previously. To apply, students must complete an online form.

The application process for this scheme is easy and straightforward: applicants submit income proof as well as details about the course they wish to take and upload a copy of either their payment receipt or bank entry showing they paid their course fee, after which the government will release a stipend directly into their bank accounts via Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT).

Stipends under the free coaching scheme 2022 are available to both local and outstation students. Local students will receive monthly salaries of Rs 3000, while outstation students will be entitled to Rs 6000 monthly. Payment of wages will be made directly via DBT to ensure its use on tuition expenses for relevant courses; lodging/boarding expenses may also be considered expenses covered by these funds if applicable.

Students looking for the stipend must have an annual family income under Rs 8 lakh and possess both an Aadhaar card and permanent address within India, in addition to signing a declaration stating they have never used other coaching assistance before. Furthermore, they need a valid bank account and Aadhaar number in order to receive their money, along with proof they took the exam (Hall Ticket or other evidence may suffice), in order to be eligible for it. Failing these conditions could result in a loss of the stipend payment.