How Russ Horn Uses the Rapid Results Method to BOOST His Portfolio


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Rapid Results Method

The Rapid Results Method is a Forex trading system created by Russ Horn that promises a powerful and lucrative approach to profit generation in today’s volatile market. He claims it is easy for traders of all experience levels, using technical analysis combined with tracking market dynamics to automate trading procedures and stop/take profit levels allowing traders to focus more on market analysis than emotional trading decisions. Furthermore, its creator promises that emotions won’t interfere with making decisions with profitable results – an incredible promise made good in reality!

This system uses AI-assisted trading software, S.A.R.A (signal automation recognition alert). This AI system enables traders to monitor markets over various timeframes and identify profitable opportunities. Furthermore, S.A.R.A. can calculate an optimal risk-reward ratio for every trade, making it simpler for traders to comprehend how it all works; additionally, it automatically identifies winning trades so traders can maximize profits and decrease losses.

Traders can maximize the potential of the Rapid Results Method system by accessing its member’s area, where they’ll find a comprehensive set of videos and other resources designed to make them successful traders. They’re also welcome to reach out directly to our team of expert traders with any queries that arise. At the same time, there’s even an easy link available in there that now leads them to download its software – making the system all-encompassing for traders!

Module 4: Trading the System provides viewers with an in-depth education on the Rapid Results Method through real trading situations. He gives numerous buy and sell trade examples on live charts to demonstrate its fundamentals – making this module an indispensable resource for anyone wanting to learn how to profit from it.

Traders may be reluctant to delegate decision-making authority, possibly believing they can make more accurate and timely choices on their own or being used to being in control. Yet by relinquishing some decision-making responsibilities to others, they could save time and money while improving trading success.

Modern Stock & Options Trading Show

Russ will reveal an easy stock and options trading strategy he uses to leverage his portfolio, with double-digit cash on cash returns every five to six months with 10%-25% downside protection – one of his favorite strategies from over 25 years as a portfolio manager and investor educator.

Russ of Modern Stock & Options Trading Show presents one of his preferred trade strategies – ITM Covered Call. This strategy offers an effective method for using option writing profits to fund long-term stock core holdings while providing risk management benefits.

As earnings season is upon us, Russ discusses utilizing options trading strategies to gain an edge during earnings season. He reviews plans suitable for bullish or bearish views before quarterly earnings releases.

Russ highlights the value of trading with an edge in today’s market, outlining an advantage and how to find it. He then presents some trading ‘commandments’ he has developed over his 25-year investing career.

Russ explores some of the biggest mistakes investors and traders can make when investing or trading with an edge, including being disorganized, not having a plan, and trading without discipline. He offers ways to avoid these missteps through the field, planning your trades carefully and trading smart.

Russ covers alternative investments during the COVID-19 Pandemic to bank deposits such as high-yielding money markets or preferred stock ETFs. These options can provide safe, liquid funds that provide returns without banking restrictions or requirements.

Russ discusses the current state and outlook for the stock market and some benefits and risks of market volatility in this episode of the Modern Stock & Options Trading show.

Trading Commandments

Do not trade for “the thrill.” Trading is a business and should not be seen as an extreme sport; what matters is growing your net worth through profitable trades with high chances of success.

Capital should always be protected since it serves as your lifeblood; without it, you cannot trade. Trading out of anger or panic to recover losses must not occur; losses do occur, and they should be accepted and moved on from. Any attempt to do otherwise would only lead to more casualties, as your rules have been proven successful.

Your investment timeframe impacts many other decisions you make. From asset class selection and technical vs. fundamental analysis reliance to understanding risks vs. potential opportunities, Russ Trading outlines seven common errors investors & traders make that can hinder long-term success – listen in now to learn!


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Russ Horn is a widely respected forex trader who has successfully assisted thousands of others to become profitable through his training methods and guidance. Additionally, he often hosts motivational sessions designed to inspire new traders. Furthermore, two best-selling forex systems have been launched by him.

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