Choosing the Best 5.7 Pistol


If you’re searching for a pistol chambered in 5.7x28mm, some outstanding choices are available. FN’s P90 and Five-sevenN pistols are among the top options available for defensive use.

Ruger and Smith and Wesson have recently made versions of this cartridge available, offering more competitive pricing options.

PSA Rock 5.7

The 5.7x28mm cartridge made a splashy introduction into the pistol world, yet its usage has increased substantially in recent years. Multiple companies now produce chambered guns for this cartridge – including FN, Ruger, Smith & Wesson revolvers, and Palmetto State Armory’s PSA Rock 5.7, making waves for its excellent performance at an attractive price point.

This striker-fired pistol features a polymer frame with 23 rounds in its magazine. Featuring an ergonomic grip with aggressive texturing for secure holding, its trigger is smooth and magazine release ambidextrous; additionally, there’s a Picatinny rail up front to mount accessories; there is even an optics-ready variant with a threaded barrel.

Recently, I had the chance to test out a Rock 5.7 at my local range and was thoroughly impressed by its performance. Its versatility allows it to be used for home defense, duty, or target shooting, with its reliable magazine capacity and light recoil. Furthermore, its accuracy allowed me to shoot five rounds into an exact three-inch circle at a 7-yard distance.

Another highlight was how easy it was to manipulate the slide, especially for shooters with reduced hand or grip strength who may find other pistols challenging to manage. I found this feature particularly attractive, and I think it will appeal to people searching for an affordable 5.7 gun for defensive or law enforcement use.

The Rock 5.7 pistol can now be purchased for $499, shipping with two 23-round magazines and a PSA Dagger soft pistol case. Steel 3-dot sights that can be exchanged for Glock-compatible ones are included as standard; an optics-ready variant featuring a threaded barrel is expected soon.

The 5.7x28mm was developed initially for military and law enforcement weapons but is now used in numerous pistol models. With its high velocity and flat shooting profile, this cartridge makes an excellent choice for target shooting or self-defense purposes; its robust carbine characteristics mean it can also be effective at long ranges.

Ruger 5.7

Before recently, the 5.7x28mm cartridge was only seen as an alternative round in PDWs and pistols. Created by FN Herstal as a replacement for 9x19mm Parabellum rounds, its use has grown worldwide since. Advantages include shorter cartridge length, lower recoil, and increased magazine capacity compared to its counterpart. However, significant manufacturers must first introduce guns chambered for it to become widely accepted; Ruger did just this in 2019 by unveiling their 5.7 pistols, which reignited interest in this round.

The 5.7 pistol features a polymer frame with a detachable box magazine capable of holding 20 rounds and an extended barrel with a tactical accessory rail for mounting optics and windage-adjustable open sights. Available with either black or FDE Cerakote finish and unmarked slides that permit custom engraving, this gun gives users an exceptional firearm for any application.

Sturm Ruger understands the needs and preferences of shooters and firearms, which makes the new 5.7 pistol an exceptional shooting experience. Featuring a comfortable grip that is wider than typical double-stack 9mm handguns but narrow enough for most hands, its trigger offers a light pull weight with minimal creep and overtravel–making this gun an excellent choice for shooters who favor Glock-style triggers.

In addition to its manual safety levers, the 5.7 features a non-reciprocating charging handle and bolt release lever on the left side of the gun. Additionally, its trigger can be adjusted for pre-travel and overtravel with two contact surfaces (the safety lever and trigger itself). Finally, this gun is compatible with AR-15-style sights.

Davidson’s Exclusive Ruger 5.7 features an easily fitted red-dot sight. This is an essential feature for those who plan on using their pistol on duty, with this model also including Riton Tactix MPRD red-dot sight and optic mount for just $869, making this gun an excellent value option with minimal MSRP requirements and accommodating red-dot companies with ease.

FN Five-Seven

FN Herstal Belgium developed the Five-Seven handgun, featuring its signature 5.7x28mm SS190 cartridge, to accompany their P90 submachine gun and bottlenecked round. Though a full-sized weapon that may not be ideal for concealed carry, the Five-Seven is an effective self-defense weapon. Law enforcement agencies often opt for this model as part of their protection arsenals.

The Five-Seven is a lightweight polymer pistol that’s easy to handle. Equipped with an ambidextrous safety/de-cocker, reversible magazine release system, and removable Picatinny rail support. With light recoil that makes target shooting and competitions possible. Furthermore, it is more significant than standard pistol ammo yet smaller than rifle rounds. The 5.7x28mm cartridge provides great precision at close-range shooting distances.

Handgun cartridges vary widely, yet not all are equally effective in real-life scenarios. Integrating rifle ammunition into pistols requires careful engineering work – something not always possible – which makes the FN Five-Seven an extraordinary gun capable of this feat.

FN’s Five-Seven is a semiautomatic handgun equipped with a powerful SS190 cartridge, capable of penetrating armor vests and ballistic glass at close range. Due to its higher velocity, this round can travel faster than its 9mm counterpart, allowing FN to gain an edge at close range.

At long ranges, 5.7x28mm rounds may not deliver as much energy to their target as 9mm rounds would; however, they still provide significantly more than 5.56 NATO cartridges do and can hit soft targets like torsos and heads, making them an effective personal defense option.

The FN Five-Seven pistol is well known for its accuracy and low recoil, yet it remains somewhat expensive and only available through LE agencies and USG. Recently, however, FN released the MK3 series, providing modern capabilities and ergonomic improvements that make this handgun even better suited for self-defense use.

Ruger 57

The Ruger 5.7 was an instant hit. A pistol designed to shoot rifle cartridges, it’s an enjoyable shooting experience with plenty of recoil from its small caliber round – but its comfortable grip allows your hands to wrap around it quickly, helping minimize slight recoil from its use. Plus, it is unique among handguns in that it accepts red dot sights for even greater accuracy!

The 5.7 is a short-range, bottlenecked centerfire cartridge designed for small games. Although not ideal for self-defense, this weapon has been deployed worldwide as part of FN’s select-fire P90 personal defense weapons (PDWs).

Unlike its FN Five-Seven counterpart, the Ruger 57 is a full-size pistol. With its 4.94-inch barrel to maximize cartridge velocity, its alloy steel slide and barrel feature black nitride finishes for excellent strength and wear resistance; additionally, its high-performance glass-filled nylon grip has a textured surface to offer a firm yet comfortable hold.

Controls on this pistol are designed for simplicity and easy operation, featuring ambi thumb safeties with no sharp edges and intended for use with gloves. In addition, its magazine release latch is reversible, allowing left-handed shooters to use it effortlessly, and its body has been drilled and tapped for optics such as red dot sights if desired.

The 5.7 is an ideal solution for those who desire the versatility of a pistol but lack the budget for full-sized bolt-action rifles. Additionally, its compact dimensions make it suitable for concealed carry – weighing only 3.2 pounds without magazine capacity – making it more compact than an FN Banshee and offering all its benefits of 5.7 caliber carbine. Furthermore, using its LC9 magazines means you can use any ammo that fits you best! Plus, it has a more concealable pistol that weighs only 3.2 pounds with an empty magazine capacity of 50 rounds!