Canoe & Kayak Tour Agency


Take pleasure in an idyllic river ride led by an expert guide, suitable for all skill levels and featuring paddling down an idyllic stretch of river.

As kayaks can be expensive and complicated to store, it is wise to book your tour with an operator who offers equipment rental.

Many operators offer tours to cater to specific customer niches; one advertises a romantic kayaking retreat as one example.

Experienced Guides

Experienced guides provide the ideal kayaking tours. A guided tour can allow you to discover hidden coves and witness wildlife in its natural environment, so be sure to ask about their training as well as whether your company has an emergency plan in case the weather or other circumstances cause it to cancel the tour.

Kayaking is an enjoyable way to discover the varied ecosystems throughout the United States. Many states feature protected national parks and wilderness areas ideal for kayaking – offering stunning scenery as well as various types of animals that make kayaking enjoyable for people of all ages and abilities. When choosing your perfect kayak, consider your comfort, experience level, fitness goals, and experience level.

If you’re looking for an exciting kayaking adventure, Hilton Head, South Carolina, may have what you’re searching for. It has calm, clear water that makes paddling easy and safe – not to mention an array of bird species- and stunning sandy beaches where you can unwind after a day on the water!

Experience the Pictured Rocks on this guided kayak tour through Munising Bay, an area usually protected from strong winds that would otherwise make paddling more challenging. Take in some of the world’s most excellent geological rock layers on this scenic kayak trip!

Learn New Skills

Canoe and kayak tour agencies are excellent places for beginners to start kayaking, with knowledgeable guides providing all the basic instructions for building and using vessels, following safety rules on the water, using navigation techniques, and providing all of the equipment for trips.

Advanced paddlers will find many agencies that offer lessons on specific skills like bow rudders or rolling. These lessons can help refine your paddling technique and lay a solid foundation for future trips; one-on-one lessons may also be available for groups of up to five. In addition, studies focused on specific destinations are often available, such as circumnavigating Les Cheneaux Islands or sneaking through MacGulpin Cut on Mackinac Straits.

Kayaks can be purchased as solo or tandem vessels, with some specifically tailored to whitewater play and others made for exploring tranquil lakes. Select the kayak that best meets your skill level and itinerary based on speed, maneuverability, and weight categories.

Making a canoe and kayak tour agency trip around Norway’s fjords or exploring its glaciers will be an unforgettable experience, with Sognefjord, Hardangerfjord, and Geirangerfjord being your destination surrounded by majestic mountains – what better way could there be to discover Norway!

Mackinac Straits’ scenic waters offer paddlers many scenic and wildlife-rich paddling routes. You can relax on an island cruise or venture out further with an excursion like circumnavigating Little LaSalle, visiting Marquette Bay, or paddling from Hessel to Cedarville. No matter which destination you select, don’t forget a dry towel, extra clothing in watertight sacks (unique bags are available, but any solution will do just as well), sunscreen, and sunglasses!

Explore Hidden Treasures

Join a guided kayak tour, and your guide will reveal all of its local gems: this could include where to capture the sunset, wildlife hotspots, or even hidden swimming holes. In some instances, guides may even take photographs or videos of you on the water so that you’ll never forget this experience!

Kayaking can be used for exploring remote islands, glacier water edges, or finding beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean Sea. Paddling down rivers is equally enjoyable; splash into rapids while paddling slowly downstream towards calmer waters. There are kayaking and canoeing destinations around the globe, but closer to home, you may enjoy paddle-based adventures such as Sacandaga Outdoor Center’s river rapids or Hudson River Gorge floating or taking part in a Manhattan skyline kayak tour!

Joining a kayak tour offers numerous advantages, but one of the most significant is taking advantage of an experienced guide. Kayaks can be tricky to master on water, with associated risks. Your guide has plenty of experience and knows when it is safe for you to venture beyond your comfort zone.

Kayaks are much faster and easier to maneuver than canoes due to their shape, which includes high sides that make them harder to capsize. On your guided tour, you’ll paddle along a class 1 scenic stretch of river at your own pace while admiring the views and possibly catching sight of local wildlife – an unforgettable experience suitable for people of all ages and skill levels!

Learn About the Environment

Canoeing and kayaking give you a great way to discover natural or cultural landscapes that would otherwise be difficult to access. Paddle between glaciers and icebergs in Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska or explore Vancouver Island rivers by canoe to observe flora and fauna – these activities provide an excellent opportunity to interact closely with nature while protecting sensitive environments from other forms of tourism.

Touring the environment by kayak with a local guide can open up new horizons of knowledge about its surroundings and wildlife, ecology, history, and safety. They can share advice about how to avoid common mistakes or hazards when paddling; such knowledge could save a great deal of trouble and disappointment in future kayak adventures.

Kayaking can be an incredibly social activity. Many kayak tours feature groups of 10 or more kayakers, providing the chance to make new friends while sharing an unforgettable experience. You also gain an opportunity to hone your paddling skills against others’ expertise while learning something from them in turn. Group paddles may even include meals and transport from and to their kayaking destination!

If you want to start your own kayaking company, contact your local government and environmental agency to determine what permits and licenses you require to operate your business. Water safety training or passing a certification exam could also be needed before opening. Furthermore, register your company with either the secretary of state’s office or small business administration, as well as purchasing liability, auto, workers’ compensation, and property insurance from reputable providers.

Meet New Friends

Join a kayak tour agency in either the US or another country, and you are sure to meet like-minded individuals and make friends for life! Expedition life provides unparalleled bonds of fellowship – no experience can compare with kayaking in Antarctica; don’t pass up this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Definitely add it to your bucket list!

Canoes and kayaks are great ways to discover natural or cultural landscapes on waterways. Their gentle ride makes for less strenuous exploration than hiking or trekking, and they give an intriguing perspective of regions not easily reachable on foot or via car.

Kayaks are more maneuverable and agile than canoes, featuring double-bladed paddles to facilitate quicker piloting. Most kayaks are made from fiberglass or polyethylene material, which are strong yet lightweight, making it an excellent choice for beginners looking to learn to kayak safely.

Not everyone can afford their kayak, but renting them is relatively affordable and more accessible to store than boats. Furthermore, local paddling clubs may have available kayaks for rental near you; additionally, many canoe and kayak tour agencies provide essential safety equipment, including life vests and watertight sacks, as well as additional supplies like matches or fuel in case the weather turns bad or you find yourself caught on an unforgiving beach – be prepared!