Barbie Fashionistas Celebrate Diversity


Barbie Fashionistas reflect the world kids live in today, celebrating diversity through unique fashion dolls that encourage real-world storytelling and open-ended dreams! Boasting diverse skin tones, eye colors, hair colors/textures/styles/body types/fashions, as well as body types/fashion trends, this exciting collection allows children to play out their imaginations freely while showing their style!


Sassy, the latest member of the Barbie family, epitomizes sexy yet fashionable style. Inspired by Bild Lilli dolls found in German tobacco shops as risque gag gifts for men, Sassy has quickly become one of the most influential figures in fashion, serving as an icon representing female power and inspiring generations of girls to follow her lead.

She is well-known for her diversity, having been a model for numerous careers and lifestyles. Furthermore, she has adopted various fashion trends, such as pink hair or 1960s eyeliner, just two examples of many looks she has worn throughout her life.

Barbie remains popular today, and it’s clear why. From Greta Gerwig movies starring Margot Robbie to the Barbiecore trend, Barbie continues to inspire style enthusiasts around the globe in every imaginable way – whether it pink platform heels, seductive lips, or glittery outfits that makes one want to look good. Something about Barbie makes us all want to look their best!


Barbie has long transcended the bounds of traditional boxed dolls that children play with as children, becoming an icon in film, music videos, and high fashion. Indeed, her luscious locks and pink wardrobe have found their way into movies, music videos, and even runway fashion shows – inspiring this latest trend of “Barbiecore aesthetic” red carpets and runways adorned with pink hues: dusty rose tint or vibrant fuchsia hue is currently all the rage – and we love it!

Cutie stands out with her graffiti-print T-shirt dress featuring a “Good Vibes” motif and mixed prints, her matching hat and sneakers making her ready for anything – she is one of the hottest Barbie fashionistas! Part of the Fashionistas line, which encourages kids to express themselves creatively while celebrating diversity, Cutie will inspire kids of all ages.


Glam is a rock and roll musician who plays guitar, bass, and violin and teaches guitar lessons – earning numerous awards along the way – at an hourly fee of 96 dollars. As Dee’s and Heavy’s father, he has an unpredictable temperament but is never violent; an excellent chef without chemicals; vegetarian and supporting animal rights; tattooed arms and tongue piercing; enjoys smoking weed while drinking beer and can perform backflips on his bike! Raised in a religious household, Glam may now consider himself an Atheist

Glam has experienced an extremely traumatic past in which he prefers not to discuss, preferring to remain polite with everyone and rarely angry. He loves his wife Vicky very much and shows excellent support; unfortunately, he does not have many friends and often spends his time alone at home; nonetheless, he makes time for his children and loves them dearly; he has an impressive collection of guitars and accessories as he plays the instrument and listens to glam music.

Glam is an intelligent man and adept at writing. His sense of humor stands out, often leaving others laughing aloud. His generosity extends to helping anyone in need, and he remains surprisingly calm when informing Chive that their band had parted ways and keeping his violin even after she told him she thought he had sold it earlier – the only character out of all five not wearing a dress in his family!


Since their introduction decades ago, Barbie dolls have inspired celebrities, from Hailey Bieber’s 2016 Halloween costume to Kacey Musgrave’s Moschino moment at the Met Gala 2019. Now a new wave of Barbies is taking over fashion: Barbie Fashionistas feature poseable dolls with 12 points of movement that bend elbows, twist wrists, and roll heads–plus different skin tones, eye colors, and hairstyles that reflect modern kids.

The 2022 Fashionistas line from Barbie further broadens its ability to reflect children’s experience by featuring dolls with hearing loss and vitiligo (a condition that causes skin pigment loss) in an ongoing effort by Mattel to ensure girls feel represented.

These dolls are designed to resemble real people, allowing children to play with them and see how their features would appear on them. Furthermore, these dolls provide a fantastic way to teach kids about diversity and inclusion.

No matter your profession – art teacher, Olympic swimmer, producer – these Barbies can show you how to rock any look with confidence and style. “Olympic Swimmer Barbie” looks ready to win gold with her sleek bob and warm-up jacket, while “Art Teacher Barbie” brings creative style into the classroom in her brightly patterned skirt and fun scarf!

Each Fashionista has her outfit and accessory for maximum fashion play and fun! A reusable vinyl package makes storing these dolls and their fashionable pieces easy, creating endless recreation and fashion fun opportunities!


Sweetie, known for her iconic showgirl image and unique Barbie fashionista look, became a New York City legend during the ’90s by lip-syncing at Susanne Bartsch parties and working crowds at Lower East Side nightlife spots like Boy Bar and Pyramid Club. An unforgettable force of nature who took center stage, whether for full or empty rooms – mentoring lost queer kids while sporting outrageous outfits purchased off Craigslist; mentoring lost queer children while skipping chemotherapy treatment to perform at Chelsea’s Barracuda Lounge even after cancer had taken its final bow; until cancer took its course in 2016.

Barbie Fashionistas celebrate diversity through dolls that encourage real-life storytelling and open-ended dreaming! Boasting body shapes, eye colors, hair colors/textures/styles that reflect today’s society and fashion styles to emulate today’s kid’s worlds, this collection comes equipped with a reusable vinyl package for storage/transport/customization to encourage creativity and self-expression!

Each Barbie Fashionistas doll boasts her own distinct look and style that perfectly captures their personality. Ranging from girly and wild to glamorous and chic, each has her signature outfit, which showcases who she is as an individual. A great present to give on any special occasion or to inspire young girls’ creativity and sense of style!

The Barbie Fashionistas represent modern girls with hairstyles and colors that capture their diversity. Long, short, curly, or straight, there’s an option for everyone on these dolls that makes kids feel good about themselves and shows they are beautiful! Plus, there are various body types, including tall, curvier, and petite, showing young women there are multiple sizes of women around – even one wheelchair-accessible doll in this line to demonstrate inclusiveness!