American Plumbing Supply


Finding the appropriate plumbing distributors has an enormous effect on a business’s ability to complete jobs quickly and profitably. There are hundreds of options out there; selecting the optimal distributor takes some research.

John Howe credits American Pipe & Supply’s success to its people and their commitment to giving back. To this end, John prioritizes promoting from within while encouraging his team members to read books as a means of expanding their skill sets.

Plumbing Supplies

American Plumbing Supply provides supplies for both residential and commercial plumbing projects. Their products range from fixtures, toilets, faucets, and accessories to pipes, valves, pump actuators, couplings, fittings, and couplings fixtures – serving customers worldwide! American Plumbing Supply serves customers worldwide; in fact, they are an international manufacturer’s representative for some of the leading sanitary-ware manufacturers located within the U.S. with appointments/management of distribution networks in selected regions.

No matter if you are an experienced plumber or simply doing it yourself, commercial plumbing supply stores provide all the parts and pieces you require for your next project. Their selection of fittings and parts offers something for every taste!

Customer service is critical when shopping at a plumbing supply shop. Be sure to keep detailed records of your interactions with each business and be prepared to take steps if a negative experience arises; your trust is of utmost importance, so companies cannot pay to alter or delete reviews; view our full policy for more information.

Plumbing Parts

American Plumbing Supply’s selection of plumbing parts includes valves, faucets, pumps, and piping in various materials and styles – manufactured by some of the industry’s premier brands – and is unparalleled. Their customer service department can assist customers in finding exactly the parts they need for their projects or answer any queries about what was purchased; their customers have given this business high ratings for customer service, and they’re open from 8 am until 4.59 pm Monday through Friday!

Plumbing Accessories

Professional plumbers or experienced DIYers need the right tools and parts to complete any plumbing project successfully. A local commercial plumbing supply store will have everything from faucet parts and packings to modern bathroom fixtures, as well as essential items like valves and pumps that you might require for any job.

American Plumbing Supply International manufactures and distributes waterworks, plumbing, and mechanical materials for waterworks applications, as well as heavy equipment parts for heavy equipment use. Their product selection includes hardware, electrical & plumbing supplies, lumber, paint, heavy equipment, electronics, doors & windows, ventilation, garden housewares, etc. In addition, American Plumbing Supply serves as an international manufacturer’s representative for some sanitary-ware manufacturers based here and manages the appointment and management of distribution networks on their behalf.

Customer service is a core element of any successful business, and customers can tell when a company cares about them by going the extra mile in its customer service provision. In any industry, a strong reputation is critical to success – unfortunately, not all businesses possess excellent customer care services.

Plumbing Tools

Every plumber’s tool kit contains several versatile plumbing tools, all designed for different tasks. While professional plumbers use trucks filled with expensive specialized equipment, most home plumbing projects can be completed using mid-grade tools and replacement parts – along with some knowledge.

Tubing cutters, which look similar to C-clamps, are an indispensable plumbing tool when working with copper pipes. Unlike hacksaws, this tool provides clean cuts with minimal effort required. Plumbers also utilize needle-nose pliers, tongue and groove pliers, and basin wrenches – tools used to tighten or loosen nuts that keep sink faucets secure – in addition to needle-nose pliers, tongue and groove pliers, basin wrenches or basin wrenches explicitly designed to tighten or loosen nuts that hold sink faucets secure.

Drain snakes are another beloved tool of plumbers, featuring long, coiling metal cables that reach into toilets or drains to dislodge any obstructions that clog them up. They can even be customized into sink augers or closet drills, depending on where clogs have developed.

Other helpful plumbing tools include a pipe wrench, which is used for dismantling fixture shutoff valves and compression fittings, tape measures for measuring pipe sizes and dimensions, and thread sealing tape to patch and prevent potential leaks in threaded joint connections.