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Rather than having a primary and backup site for data, workloads are increasingly being dispersed among multiple locations – which may be customer-owned, such as colocation facilities or data centers, managed externally, or simply accessible over the web.

Amatruda cautions against making hasty decisions or falling for vendor pitches regarding specific DR environments, given how the cloud’s scalability has created new levels of data storage granularity that allow companies to store fewer copies of identical data – thus decreasing backup and DR footprints significantly. Recovery automation technology may also help shrink these footprints significantly by continuously monitoring all aspects of data operations for anomalies that might threaten them.

Meeting Rooms

Your team may be spread globally, or from one room, yet efficient communication technology makes meetings more productive. Conference rooms are hubs of collaboration between team members, providing an opportunity for creative discourse and making an impression statement to customers or business partners. High-quality meeting technology can boost employee morale and reduce travel costs and expenses related to in-person gatherings.

Whiteboards to modern videoconferencing technology – various solutions are available to enhance your conference space’s functionality. A high-quality projector can display presentations or a videoconference in full HD resolution while innovative AV technology focuses on real-time collaboration to save time and money.

If your organization holds regular meetings among distributed teams, investing in high-quality telepresence equipment, such as the Microsoft Surface Hub device, could be worth your while. It’s simple to use: just create an appointment in the Outlook calendar and add a Surface Hub device as an attendee. If available at your preferred time slot, a confirmation from the Surface Hub device is received as confirmation from you; otherwise, you will receive a rejection notification.

Whiteboards can be an effective tool for brainstorming sessions. Many conference rooms like WeWork Salesforce Tower in San Francisco come equipped with them on the walls along with markers. A whiteboard can also help remote participants feel more connected with in-person attendees. For an engaging experience, e-paper display tools such as JOAN may provide an immersive solution. These screens hang outside each meeting space to show who has reserved it, eliminating last-minute scrambles to locate meeting spaces while minimizing disruptions.

Effective conference room solutions involve both in-person and remote collaboration tools. Many people consider video conferences more efficient and engaging than face-to-face meetings, providing an opportunity to see body language that may otherwise be difficult to convey over the telephone. A video conferencing system with sharp image quality and clear audio could enormously impact how your company views meetings.